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Cloud-Ready Data
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ICYMI: Day 1 of Data Citizens recap

Today we kicked off our best Data Citizens yet with 45 speakers across 8 industries including retail, financial services, telecommunications, technology, healthcare and education. We heard approximately 10 hours of knowledge sharing and attendees had the opportunity to network in 4 insightful roundtable discussions.   

Our Data Citizens community came together to share best practices, learn from each other, collaborate, and network. Our customers stole the show with amazing sessions on how they use Collibra in their organizations to achieve data intelligence. These sessions covered topics such as, implementation, adoption, building a data culture, and digital transformation. In case you missed it, here are some of the highlighted sessions from today: 

  • Evolving data governance to drive growth at Vanguard: Jason Caplan, Senior Solutions Architect, and Mathew DiNatale, Senior Product Owner, Data Catalog, discussed how Vanguard transformed their data governance program from an IT-led initiative to a key pillar of their digital transformation, focused on client service and growth. This session really shows how Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud can help an organization achieve their business objectives. 
  • How Adeo is driving a data culture: I constantly hear from customers that one of their biggest challenges is adopting a data culture across their organization. Although it is challenging, adopting a data culture is crucial to becoming data-driven. In this session,  Laurent Ostiz, Global Chief Data Officer at Adeo, shared his story on starting a data journey, aligning business and IT, measuring success, and the pitfalls to avoid along the way. 
  • Class in session: Data Intelligence in higher education: This was our first panel session of the day and I loved every minute of it. It was great to hear from data professionals at Western Governors University, George Washington University, and University of Utah on the ways universities have transformed this past year due to COVID-19. These data leaders shared their experiences on how data is supporting trusted decision making in a challenging time, and how they are continuing to drive growth and adoption of their data programs in the current environment. 
  • How Yelp connects people with data to drive innovation: As I introduced in my keynote, we are all united by data. Yelp highlighted this idea of unity and connection in their session today. Damon Chiarenza, Group Product Manager, Analytics and Governance, and Dhananjay Sherigar, Data Engineer, discussed how Yelp connected their engineers to trusted data, and how that has helped to unleash product innovation and instill a data-driven culture. 

As day one of Data Citizens ‘21 comes to a close, I feel both inspired and energized. Hearing from so many great customers has really shown me the power of data to unite us all. And I look forward to tomorrow where we will hear more from some of our great customers and also dive deep into our product with our Collibra Product Managers. Also our Chief Marketing Officer, Tifenn Dano Kwan will join Neil deGrasse Tyson for a great session on the power of data. I hope today inspired everyone to keep moving forward as change agents, united by data.

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