How data catalogs enable data democratization

Data catalogs are at the center of Data Intelligence; they enable Data Citizens to discover, understand, trust and utilize their data to fuel innovation and generate business value. They speed up insights and decisions, move insights to actions, and allow organizations to enter the data economy.

In other words, data catalogs empower Data Citizens to make intelligent business decisions by ensuring they have compliant and trusted data right at their fingertips. However, in order to truly understand the value and functions of a data catalog, we must first understand the importance of becoming a data-driven enterprise. 

To answer this question, we teamed up with Michele Goetz, a Principal Analyst at Forrester, to discuss the ways in which data catalogs enable data democratization. In our recent webinar, “The Path to Data Intelligence,” Michele outlined the benefits of Data Intelligence, as well as the challenges organizations face on their journey to becoming a data-driven enterprise.

According to Michele, Data Intelligence ensures better data quality and consistency, faster analytics and insights, increased business agility, better informed business decisions, and improved customer insights. However, many enterprises struggle to achieve Data Intelligence because of difficulties with collaboration, sourcing, gathering, managing, governing, and assembling the right platform. A data catalog solves these challenges. 

Collibra Catalog enables organizations to build an enterprise data marketplace that satisfies the needs of Data Citizens. After Michele discusses the importance of becoming a data-driven enterprise, I walk through the steps you can take to build a data marketplace with Collibra. I also take you on the journey of Cliff, a business analyst, who uses Collibra Catalog to discover the necessary data he needs to answer business questions. With Collibra Catalog, Data Citizens like Cliff are empowered to discover the data they need, understand and trust the data, access it for immediate use, and collaborate around the data.

To see Collibra Catalog in action and learn more, check out the webinar, “The Path to Data Intelligence: How Data Catalogs Enable Data Democratization.

If you want to learn more about how Collibra can help you, please schedule time to talk to us!

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