Honoring our Collibra Excellence Awards winners

Every year I am honored to present the Collibra Excellence Awards at our flagship conference, Data Citizens. The Collibra Excellence Awards celebrate teams and individuals who are helping their organizations unlock the value of data by collaborating with Collibra. This year we have five awards: Data Citizen of the Year, Data Program of the Year, Customer Impact Partner of the Year (a new award in 2021), Partner of the Year Award, and Collibra Ranger of the Year. We received numerous submissions from great customers and partners from around the globe, but we chose the individuals who truly make data meaningful across their entire organization. In case you missed it, here is a recap of the 2021 Collibra Excellence Awards:

Data Citizen of the Year

The Data Citizen of the Year award celebrates the fearless leader who has the vision to drive their organization to achieve Data Intelligence. Whether working directly with data, driving digital transformation or leading the shift to a data culture, the Data Citizen of the Year is someone who has pushed not only their organization, but also their industry into the future by driving change and real business value through the use of data.

This year’s winner, Jacklyn Osborne, Bank of America, was recognized for her and her team’s efforts to design and implement a best-in-class data management program that ensures regulatory compliance, supports operational efficiency, and facilitates digital transformation at Bank of America. More specifically, Jacklyn:

  • Improved data quality for key insights and regulatory obligations 
  • Lead the effort on cost reduction and data process simplification across the organization
  • Streamlined business processes and broke down silos to support data democratization

Congratulations, Jacklyn! I would also like to give Pierre W. Delville, Chief Data Officer, Euroclear an honorable mention for unlocking the value of data in his organization.  

Data Program of the Year

The Data Program of the Year celebrates the best of the best when it comes to data transformation programs. This organization has the vision and ambition to drive real business value, all powered by the Collibra Platform.

This year’s winner is Freddie Mac who successfully embarked on a transformation of the organization’s multi-layered data ecosystem into a cohesive, agile, highly-scalable and cost-effective data program. More specifically, Freddie Mac: 

  • Established the Collibra Data Governance Center as the standard tool for data governance and metadata, and created the Collibra Operational Group at Freddie Mac to promote Collibra as the enterprise tool for data governance
  • Centralized the business glossary and data related processes
  • Reduced the data analysis time for new projects by more than 50%, increased speed to market, and improved collaboration between business teams and IT
  • Advanced the overall understanding of data across the organization

Congratulations, Freddie Mac! I would like to acknowledge all the great work of ASML in building a data program that encourages digital transformation. 

Customer Impact Partner of the Year

A new award in 2021, the Customer Impact Partner of the Year recognized the Collibra partner who has provided great value to our mutual customers including, but not limited to driving a successful implementation, adoption and expansion of Collibra.

This year’s winner is Datashift who was selected for a few key reasons. Datashift, 

  • Supported a diverse set of use cases across Europe 
  • Increased their deployments of Collibra with high customer satisfaction ratings
  • Encouraged Collibra Ranger certification with a total of five rangers today 
  • Averaged around 35,000 hours of hands-on support

Congratulations, Datashift! 

Partner of the Year Award

Collibra’s annual ‘Partner of the Year Award’ will be awarded to the partner that has the highest achievement of success for meeting and surpassing their tier requirements. 

This year’s award goes to Accenture whose commitment to customers’ success and the partnership with Collibra to support customers in accelerating their innovation is unmatched. More specifically, Accenture 

  • Displayed unparalleled dedication to the partnership through the development of new tools and solutions 
  • Fostered the understanding of Collibra across the globe with active engagements in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Americas across numerous industries including financial services and consumer goods 

Congratulations, Accenture! 

Collibra Ranger of the Year

The Collibra Ranger of the Year celebrates the Collibra Ranger who has led their team in designing and implementing Data Intelligence programs that drive real business value.

This year’s award goes to Michael Kuzma whose ability to process complex challenges, and distill them down to simple conversations and workflows is incredible. More specifically, Michael Kuzma

  • Played a key role in driving adoption at Lockheed Martin 
  • Lead workflow development, and architectured solutions for business areas and functional organizations 
  • Spearheaded efforts to introduce Collibra Data Quality 

Congratulations, Michael! 

Congratulations to all our winners and thanks again to all our customers and partners who submitted their inspiring stories!

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