Ensure faster, smarter and more trusted analytics with Collibra and Tableau

Large enterprises around the world use Tableau to solve some of the hardest business problems. Tableau’s analytics platform helps organizations understand their data so that they can make smart business decisions. But how do Tableau users confidently build dashboards and workbooks without data context and data quality metrics? Collibra helps solve this problem by providing an integrated data governance and data catalog solution that helps Tableau users find the best data, understand its context and trust in its accuracy. At Collibra, we recognize that Tableau is the leader in analytics platforms. That is why we see our partnership as a top priority in providing customers a joint solution that helps ensure trusted data for smarter analytics. 

Collibra and Tableau 

Collibra and Tableau help users unlock the full potential of their data. This partnership helps users speed up time to insight, discover data, promote enterprise-wide collaboration and help ensure data quality

Speed up time to insight 

Collibra makes it easy for users to find the data they need to build insight visualizations in Tableau. Collibra integrates with Tableau so that users can shop for governed data and certified reports across the enterprise. This “shopping” experience reduces the time spent looking for the right data, and instead frees up time so users can generate valuable insights from the data. 

Securely discover data

Collibra Data Catalog serves as a repository for data and reports. This means that everything a business user needs is all in one place — whether they are searching for inputs into existing analysis or reports, specific data sets, or uncovering new data and reports that can answer their questions. But not everyone in the organization can and should access the data. Collibra provides secure access to data through automatic workflows that allow users to request access to data sets, so only the right people can access sensitive data.   

Promote enterprise-wide collaboration 

Collibra makes it easy for users to access their data across the enterprise. This helps break down operational silos and provides a holistic view of all the data. Collibra also provides detailed business and technical lineage which helps map the relationship from Tableau workbooks to their underlying data sources. Data lineage also allows business analysts to see what reports and dashboards are currently being used so that they do not duplicate efforts. Data lineage provides a full view of the data so that users can collaborate around data they trust. 

Ensure data quality

Collibra enables organizations to turn their data into an asset, nurturing data quality by encouraging greater stewardship and governance, while also limiting risks from misuse of data and helping ensure compliance with all relevant privacy policies.


Together, Tableau and Collibra provide the best joint solution to ensure faster time and smarter and more trusted analytics. We are continually growing our partnership with Tableau and look forward to building out more use cases in the future.

Learn more about the partnership and see Collibra and Tableau in action. Join Tableau’s President and CEO Mark Nelson, and Chief Product Officer Francois Ajenstat in their conference’s opening keynote where they mention how Collibra can help Tableau users understand their data. Or watch Kate Grinevskaja and Blair Hutchinson, Product Management Managers for Tableau, showcase how Tableau syncs with enterprise data catalogs including Collibra, using Tableau Data Management for the richest, highest quality analytics. Add “​​Great Together: Tableau Catalog and Enterprise Data Catalogs to your Tableau Conference schedule today. 

Want to learn more about our partnership?

Visit the partner page

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Want to learn more about our partnership?

Visit the partner page

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