Data intelligence maturity tied to 3X better business outcomes

Data intelligence maturity drives 3X better business outcomes — learn what the most mature organizations are doing right. 

Is data intelligence important for organizations? A new study from IDC makes it clear: it is a critical input to decision-making that’s driving 3X better outcomes for organizations with the highest data intelligence maturity.

To understand the state of data intelligence in 2022 and where organizations are today, Collibra commissioned a survey from IDC*. The 2022 Data Intelligence Index highlights the findings of the survey and identifies four levels of maturity based on a benchmarking of data intelligence management, data cataloging, data governance, data quality, and data culture across the respondents.

Read the 2022 Data Intelligence Index to learn what mature organizations are doing to improve data intelligence.

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Data intelligence: Invaluable in a digital-first world

Data intelligence provides context about data that informs decision-making. The truth is data without context is of little value, and the dirty secret is that most organizations recognize this reality. Nearly 7 out of 10 senior professionals believe data intelligence is crucial to making informed business decisions and driving better business outcomes, according to the IDC survey. In other words, you know you need to put data first to stay competitive. But how? 

Based on an IDC survey of more than 1,200 senior professionals, the Collibra 2022 Data Intelligence Index offers real insight into how companies are activating data intelligence to compete in today’s digital-first economy. 

To give you a clear, detailed view into what differentiates leaders from laggards, the whitepaper provides insights and analysis into a range of data intelligence areas, including: 

  • Organizational design
  • Data intelligence objectives and expectations
  • Data cataloging
  • Data governance
  • Data quality and observability
  • Data culture and literacy

The most mature organizations are achieving 3x the business benefit compared with the least mature.

Source. 2022 Data Intelligence Index

Activating data intelligence

Gathering data intelligence on its own is important, but how organizations activate it is what ultimately is the difference between mature and immature data cultures. Activating data intelligence includes data cataloging, governance, quality, and measurements, combined with organizational design to build data culture and improve data literacy.

The study finds that while the least mature companies are not activating data intelligence very well, the most mature are activating data intelligence with efficiency and effectiveness and, as a result, are seeing better data-driven business outcomes.

The study found that the most mature organizations make decisions based on data. The least mature organizations, however, believe that half of their decisions are based on data and the other half are based on gut instinct.

What’s unmistakable is mature data intelligence is strongly correlated with more successful business outcomes. As the Data Intelligence Index details, the organizations with the most mature data cultures are seeing tangible benefits in these areas:

  • Industry innovation
  • Regulatory compliance 
  • Faster time-to-market 

Compared with the least mature organizations, 83% more of the most mature organizations make data-driven decisions.

Source: 2022 Data Intelligence Index

The good news is many organizations have implemented data intelligence technology. However, the most mature organizations are distinguished by wide data intelligence adoption and use. Despite widespread implementation of data intelligence technologies, nearly half of all teams haven’t adopted them.

Download the 2022 Data Intelligence Index to get more in-depth insights including:

  • Key characteristics of mature organizations
  • Organizational design for data intelligence
  • Essential data intelligence technologies implemented
  • Data intelligence maturity and related implications
  • Data culture, literacy and business outcome improvements aligned to maturity 

Next, take the Collibra Data Intelligence Assessment to get an understanding of your data intelligence maturity. You’ll receive a personalized report with recommendations and considerations about how to improve your data intelligence maturity.

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*IDC White paper, sponsored by Collibra, Data Intelligence Maturity to Drive 3x Better Business Outcomes, doc #US49446822, August 2022

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