Customer innovations from Data Citizens ’22 with Madan Gadde

Today’s data landscape presents major challenges, and I just had the opportunity to spend time with and celebrate customers at Data Citizens ‘22 who are stepping up in exciting ways. At the same time, we announced a host of innovations to make overcoming data roadblocks easier and faster, and I look forward to helping customers make the most of these opportunities. 

Four trends

Here are the four big things I see happening in the data space today:

  1. Data sources proliferation – The average enterprise is running multiple digital projects simultaneously. That means a lot of new data is being created, which increases complexity tremendously. But remember that this is also driving new opportunities and some incredible data outcomes.
  2. Data democratization – Data historically was managed and delivered by IT teams, but companies today are looking to accelerate self service. Everyone now needs data to do their jobs, and that requires data to be more readily discoverable and accessible. 
  3. Data is intrinsic – Data is critical to every initiative we launch now – it’s implicit in everything we do. It is no longer a separate initiative but is now integral to every initiative.
  4. Data protection– With the power and proliferation of data comes great responsibility, and regulations are only going to increase. It is essential that customers ensure the right people have the right access to data — and are using it for the right things.

Collibra innovations

This is a unique time with unique challenges, which is why Collibra has been hard at work creating solutions for you to find, understand, trust and access data at scale. Just a few examples:

  • The proliferation of data sources inspired us to partner with top tech companies to deliver new integrations. Our latest integrations in beta are with Snowflake, Azure Data Factory and Google Cloud Storage.
  • To enable data democratization, that is data for all users, we are introducing Collibra Data Marketplace. Type in a word and get the most relevant results. It’s simple and speeds time to value. Our new out-of-the-box homepage, Usage Analytics and Workflow Designer are also solutions that will get every user up and running quickly and drive adoption across your enterprise.
  • With data intrinsic in everything we do, we have released Data Quality & Observability in the cloud. It’s our same Collibra Data Quality & Observability — just now in the cloud! This means real-time updates, reduced IT overhead and the flexibility to scale up and down to empower you as your business needs evolve.
  • Our answer to increasing data protection is Collibra Protect. You need to be able to easily protect sensitive data at scale, and this solution enables you to do just that, without writing code. Right now, it’s available with Snowflake, and we will be adding other cloud platforms in the future.

Innovative customers

I heard so many amazing stories at Data Citizens ‘22 about customers overcoming challenges presented by the changing data landscape. They really are doing remarkable work, and it was an honor to recognize and celebrate them with our 2022 Collibra Excellence Awards.

Winners include:

Congratulations to the winners. It is a privilege to partner with you on your data journey, and I can’t wait to see what next year brings!

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