Collibra is a Market Leader in first-ever BARC Data Intelligence Platform Vendor Evaluation

At Collibra, we believe in the power of data intelligence. So we’re thrilled that we’re positioned as a Market Leader by BARC in its first-ever BARC Score Data Intelligence Platforms vendor evaluation and ranking.

The report compares enterprise data intelligence platforms that leverage metadata to promote data knowledge, in turn providing people, processes and technology with trustworthy, reliable data. 

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The increasing need for data intelligence

More than ever, data analysts and experts are overburdened with requests, demands to extend the value of data, and limited by time and the lack of reliable solutions. So while providing more information about data is a top priority, data professionals struggle to unlock data’s full potential. There just isn’t enough data expertise to go around. 

As the BARC report notes: “There is a need to find solutions that can compensate for this lack of human resources: solutions that learn from existing knowledge and generate extended knowledge from it. Such detailed knowledge is available extensively within the organization, namely in the form of metadata. However, metadata is rarely collected consistently and brought to life with the help of analytics and machine learning. This process is increasingly referred to as data intelligence.” 

However, data intelligence can be difficult and time-consuming without a smart, automated approach. 

Enter data intelligence platforms that, according to BARC’s criteria, “focus on three areas to do the necessary stitching work in an effective, efficient way: 

  1. Intelligent, automated extraction, collection and cross-linking of siloed, disparate metadata sources 
  2. Smart support of human and machine-driven metadata curation and crowdsourcing 
  3. Smart and flexible metadata analysis to provide augmented and automated support for the needs of diverse user roles”

BARC evaluates vendors on two dimensions:

  • Portfolio capabilities
  • Market execution

Each dimension is broken into a series of weighted criteria. So portfolio capabilities were scored across architecture, connectivity, and so forth. And the market execution dimension looked at a range of criteria, including sales strategy, product strategy, and much more. 

Our “New” approach to data intelligence

In rating Collibra as a Market Leader, BARC characterizes Collibra’s approach as “new” and focused on the federated computational data governance capabilities of a data mesh, rather than centralized monolithic approach. (Read our Data Mesh 101 blog to learn more.)

BARC categorizes Collibra as a data intelligence platform specialist — and we performed well in all evaluation categories. 

Our key strengths highlighted by BARC include:

  • Strong data governance functionality covering workflow and user management, policy management and reference data management.
  • Collibra’s integrated marketplace is somewhat unique in this market segment. Functional extensions can be purchased to enhance the platform with, for example, integrations, workflows, UI add-ons and reporting.
  • Strong market presence and visibility in the area of data governance, data catalog, data lineage and data intelligence. Excellent marketing.
  • Collibra is among the vendors offering the most features in this market comparison, and has invested in SEO optimization in particular.

Get the BARC Data Intelligence Vendor Report

There are a lot of good reasons to get your copy of the BARC Data Intelligence report. 

Evaluating data intelligence solutions and looking for a platform to support a wide range of use cases? Need to build, monitor, and maintain data pipelines with trusted data assets proven at enterprise scale? Demand a complete platform that addresses all users and use cases and can meet your business needs no matter where you are on your data intelligence journey? 

If you’re nodding your head to any of these questions, then the BARC report is for you. Access the 2022 BARC Score Data Intelligence vendor evaluation and ranking to:

  • Understand the importance of the right data intelligence platform
  • Learn about the key capabilities of a data intelligence platform
  • See why Collibra was positioned as a Market Leader

Learn why Collibra is a leading data intelligence platform

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Learn why Collibra is a leading data intelligence platform

Unlock the report

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