Celebrating our amazing partners at Data Citizens ’24


At Collibra we are proud to be our customers’ champion. This is one of our core values and what drives us every day. While we are proud of all Collibra has accomplished this past year, we would be remiss to not mention our amazing partners whose collaboration has helped us deliver best-in-class solutions to our customers. Together with our partners, we offer fully integrated solutions that allow all data citizens across an organization to derive value from their data. 

Announcing the Collibra Excellence Partner Awards 

This year at our Data Citizens conference we recognized seven of our key partners who are raising the bar for innovation and collaboration. These seven awards include Global Cloud Partner of the Year, Global Systems Integrator of the Year, Global Technology Partner of the Year, Public Sector Partner of the Year, Rising Star Partner of the Year, Innovative Partner of the Year, and Data for Good award. Each one of these awards honors a partner who truly demonstrates what it means to make data meaningful and be a data intelligence champion. 

Global Cloud Partner of the Year 

Google Cloud has paved a path of unparalleled collaboration to deliver a seamless experience and exceptional value to our customers. Their innovative approach to identifying areas of joint value has been instrumental in unlocking the art of possibility and demonstrating a truly “better together” story. 

Global Systems Integrator of the Year 

Deloitte is a leader when it comes to business results, solutions development, global execution and vertical industry coverage. They have shown a true commitment to customer success–from helping organizations deliver impactful business results to spearheading new and innovative ways to deliver solutions that bring our customers faster, more flexible, and even greater returns on their Collibra investments. They continually support seamless global execution across diverse industries and regions to help organizations get more value from their data. 

Global Technology Partner of the Year 

Our partnership with SAP is a true collaboration between both organizations — across product, engineering, sales and leadership — to deliver a governed and trusted business data fabric across our customers’ entire data landscape. This enables more accurate data-driven decisions, optimizes business outcomes and offers a simplified user experience. 

Public Sector Partner of the Year 

AWS is a great example of a public sector partner that drives cloud adoption in a secure, compliant, and reliable way. AWS helps customers navigate procurement and policy issues across all government classification levels. Their dedication to delivering market-leading solutions and their collaborative approach have enabled our customers to realize the benefits of deploying Collibra in the cloud and promote fairness, transparency and trust throughout the data lifecycle.  

Rising Star Partner of the Year 

Over the past year, Capgemini has grown their Collibra practice significantly by investing in technical capabilities and accelerating their Go-to-Market around Collibra. By leveraging our Collibra-SAP Partnership, they are now active in multiple countries around Europe and Americas. We are excited to see what Capgemini will do in the future and looking forward to growing the partnership together. 

Innovative Partner of the Year 

This award honors a partner who is constantly thinking outside the box by using innovative technologies and progressive practices in support of the design, delivery and operation of Collibra solutions.

Infosys has developed a transformative approach to helping retail, financial services and manufacturing customers become data intelligent and navigate the complexities of data cloud migration and modernization projects, empowering them to harness the full potential of their data assets. Since early last year, they have been a leader in the data governance for AI charge with their AI-first strategy, helping to shape the future of data governance and AI integration.

Partner Data for Good 

This award is one of the most important excellence awards because it focuses on using data for good. It honors a partner that uses data to improve the environment, local and global social causes, or general health and safety concerns for or with their customers.  This year we are honoring PwC for their ESG efforts. Collibra works with several PwC Entities in EMEA and America to develop an ESG framework in Collibra that manages ESG requirements and data.  PwC has been a leader in supporting organizations with their ESG compliance needs.


Congratulations to all of our winners! We truly appreciate all that you do with us.  To learn more about our partnerships, visit our partner program page

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