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Cloud-Ready Data
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Celebrating our amazing partners at Data Citizens ‘22

Data citizens from around the world gathered last week to learn from and with each other as we build world-class solutions together. We are all on a data journey in a multi-cloud world, outpacing the increasing volume and complexity of the data landscape by working together in partnership.

We celebrated this team effort with our Partner of the Year awards during our annual Data Citizens ‘22 conference in San Diego, California. Collibra believes and invests in partnerships because we have proven that our combined ingenuity and innovation is helping define the future. We are proud of this rich and diverse ecosystem that is a blend of cloud, technology, global system integrators and regional players. It’s a collaboration that creates unique value for our customers.

The Partner of the Year Awards are a big thank you to our partners for their thought leadership, strategic alignment with Collibra and development of joint solutions and practices.

Our 2022 Partner of the Year Awards spotlighted:

  • Accenture: Collibra’s Global Partner of the Year, in recognition of the company’s market impact. Year over year, Accenture has been committed to growing our alliance and supporting our mutual clients with delivery of world-class services, cutting-edge thought leadership and development of innovative solutions. 
  • Deloitte: Collibra’s Global Systems Integrator of the Year. Deloitte has supported many of our most successful clients globally, using their experience and accelerators to help customers address complex data and information challenges. This includes implementing data cloud and modernization migrations, increasing data literacy and adoption and maximizing the value our customers realize from data and information. 
  • Snowflake: Collibra’s Global Technology Partner of the Year. A year ago, we sat together and designed – among other things – Collibra Protect, which we announced just last week. This is the result of a great collaboration that we will jointly accelerate next year.
  • Google Cloud: Collibra’s Global Cloud Partner of the Year. We have been aligned strategically with GCP for years and see the success of our collaboration reflected every day in the field. The level of support we have is fantastic, from account teams, to alliances teams – all the way to product teams. We expect to accelerate our go-to-market next year even more.
  • Matillion: Collibra’s Rising Star Partner of the Year. Migrating to the cloud is not easy, and there are so many aspects that enterprises need to get right. Luckily, we work with best-in-class platforms that can handle the scale and efficiency that Collibra customers need. Matillion is making our customers’ cloud migrations easier, and is quickly becoming one of our go-to partners.
  • Kubrick: Collibra’s Regional Systems Integrator of the Year, EMEA. Kubrick has committed to growing our alliance over the last three years, investing in technical capabilities, supporting pre-sale activities and field activities with sales, customer success and marketing teams.
  • First San Francisco Partners: Collibra’s Regional Systems Integrator of the Year, North America. This organization has been one of Collibra’s most valued partners for over 10 years. They are at the leading edge of thought leadership in data for both strategy and implementation, and are trusted by our mutual customers.
  • Billigence: Collibra’s Regional Systems Integrator of the Year, APAC. Billigence works consistently with the best technology in the data and analytics category. This is a leading reason why they are also being recognized by Snowflake, Alteryx and Tableau.

Congratulations to Collibra’s Partner of the Year Award winners. I personally want to thank each of our partners for their continued commitment to solving customer challenges and delivering business value as part of the Collibra ecosystem. I can’t wait to see what the next phase of our partnership delivers.

Want to hear more from our partner Accenture?

Listen to our podcast here!

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