Building data intelligence into your cloud migration

The cloud offers options to CDOs and IT leaders to help them maximize the value, access and quality of their data. By migrating their organization’s data to the cloud, they can eliminate their reliance on legacy, on-premises infrastructure and bring a cost-optimizing scalability to their data environment.

To fully benefit from the agility and elasticity the cloud offers, IT leaders need a comprehensive data-intelligence strategy and the right tools to migrate their data successfully and efficiently to the new cloud environment.

Challenges of cloud migration 

One of the primary challenges in this migration is controlling the quality of the data moving to the cloud. If your legacy system has data quality problems, leave those problems behind, and fill the cloud with only trusted data. By pulling the right data out of your organization’s legacy silos, and categorizing and cataloging it effectively, you enhance the inherent value of the migration.

Achieving a successful cloud migration 

Embrace the available technologies that can help you clean and categorize your data effectively. Establish the data governance rules that will verify, cleanse and enrich your data with the important metadata that gives it context.

In their whitepaper, “Build Best-in-Class Data Intelligence in the Cloud“, Aberdeen Strategy Research identified a select group of data leaders as Best-in-Class. These were the leaders in the top 20% across a number of key metrics around data and data sharing.

“They actively work towards making data accessible and trusted with support of data governance and quality tools,” the report noted. “With these tools, they can put their governance rules into action and verify, cleanse and enrich their data to ensure it is high-quality.”

Aberdeen suggests that companies leverage top-notch technologies to boost their data intelligence investment and amplify the benefits of their cloud migration. They should focus on the technologies that not only improves the data quality but expands access to the maximum number of potential data consumers for their company. Only through access, can this wealth of data bring insights and benefits.

By investing the time and cost involved in ensuring only high-quality governed data is migrated to an organization’s new cloud-based data environment, IT must help to ensure that the effort succeeds and delivers exceptional and quantifiable value. This helps build the foundation for current and future business benefits from your data and ensures the most trusted data is in the cloud. 

Want to learn more about this building quality into the foundation of your data intelligence platform?

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