Accenture and Collibra: Accelerating the data mesh journey

We are at an inflection point. Despite all the innovations of the last decade — Hadoop, data lakes, Spark, Python, TensorFlow, the ascendancy of AI — businesses still struggle deriving value from data. Data initiatives begin with great promise and lead to crushing disappointments when they aren’t scalable or reliable. 

The truth is the way we organize the people and the process around data needs to change. That’s why today, we’re thrilled to reveal, in partnership with Accenture, an accelerator – built by Accenture on Collibra – to help organizations adopt an enterprise Data Mesh approach to data management.

The demand for data mesh

Traditional data warehouses and data lakes make it difficult for enterprise data producers and consumers to discover, understand, and extract value from data. As volumes and demand for data increase, enterprises can’t scale – additional factors around data sharing, sensitivity, and ownership increase the centralized model’s complexity.

Conceived in 2019, the concept of the data mesh has drawn widespread interest for its framework for decentralizing data management, transferring the onus of data management to individual business domains. 

With domain data ownership, true stewards with deep expertise and knowledge of the data control it. Rather than boiling an ocean of data, business domain teams focus on ensuring data is clean, trustworthy, and always available to support business agility. Now, enterprises building a data management architecture with self-service as a priority can give data consumers rapid access to the right data when they need it. 

Data mesh is an approach to data management that provides a path beyond the shortcomings of legacy, centralized architecture toward decentralized, domain-driven design at scale.

This approach maximizes the value of data by reducing friction for data creators and consumers, through both organizational and technological design. This decentralizing enabler empowers business domains to control their own data destiny by creating high-value, trustworthy data products that are easily consumed by the organization.

Powering data mesh

For the last 9 years, Accenture and Collibra have partnered together delivering best-in-class, highly scalable solutions for our mutual clients. Accenture is a strategic Collibra alliance Gold partner that has been awarded the Collibra Global Partner of the Year for the past two years. This year at Collibra’s annual customer conference, Data Citizens 22’, Accenture formally announced a Data Mesh framework, built on Collibra, designed to accelerate enterprise Data Mesh journeys. 

Based on the experience and proven methodology, Accenture built ready-to-use assets and accelerators along the data mesh experience and data product experience planes – enabling a robust data mesh platform with Collibra. 

Together, Collibra and Accenture help our clients unlock meaning from data, deliver trusted insights as the basis for decisions, and unify entire organizations through a solid data governance foundation.

Discover more about our partnership powering data mesh with Accenture.

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