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It is not a secret that mobile application usage has exploded in recent years. According to the Google study among 1600 adults, 97 percent reported “sequentially” moving between different screens, such as switching from their phone to laptop to tablet, in the course of the day. Additionally, for the 81 percent the “sequential” moving between screens also happened to accomplish a certain single task within the same day. Multi-device usage is clearly a major trend, while the smartphones, as noted by Google, are “the backbone of our daily media interactions. They are the devices used most throughout the day and serve as the most common starting point for activities across multiple screens.”

Here at Collibra, we aim to ride the big waves of innovation, while providing the rock-solid enterprise quality to our users. We’re committed to enhancing the enterprise data governance experience for our data citizens by offering a coordinated presence over multi-screen devices with the help of our On-The-Go mobile application, as well as the On-The-Go plug-in for Windows (formerly known as Data Governance Everywhere). In this post we’ll focus on the how the daily data governance processes can be touched by the mobile interactions.

To demonstrate the benefits of multi-screen usage, let’s take a journey through a typical day in a life of our corporate data governance hero; let’s name him John Fisher. The prominent data citizen at ACME enterprise, John wakes up in Queens and gets ready for work. John boards his commuter train where he is eager to start his workday on the go. John habitually uses his smartphone to check his work email. According to the recent study, over half of all emails these days are being opened in a mobile environment. John notices a bunch of emails containing various business term review requests. John knows that the Collibra On-The-Go app empowers him to take care of all these requests at once.

In a couple of iPhone taps after using the fingerprint touch ID to log in, John gets in front of his Collibra task list. He selects them all and clicks Start to initiate the simultaneous review processes. 

John adds an affirmative comment to his review step and pushes the Accept button, which resolves the review tasks for all the outstanding business terms. Bingo! That was a productive train ride.

John’s typical day in the office is filled with meetings and presentations. Today he has to present the Partnerships report to the executives from various departments. Towards the end of John’s presentation, James, the VP from the legal department, asks how can we know if the quarterly revenue report numbers could be trusted. John responds in a jiffy by looking up the partnerships report source details via his mobile On-The-Go app, as his laptop is being used to run the presentation. Step by step, the credibility of John’s data governance efforts, as well as the trust level towards ACME’s reports and other data assets, continues to grow.

When John returns to his desk from the stakeholder meeting, he gets an email from the IT department requesting his approval to provision the Collibra On-The-Go app to the newest member of his data stewardship team. The MDM feature enablement allows the corporate IT department to exercise control over its data and customize the app to comply with ACME’s internal standards. And by the way, the app can be safely used outside of the ACME offices due to its robust security levels, which are confirmed to meet the enterprise industry standards. The ACME IT department would not have allowed the usage of the On-the-Go app without the guarantees on the security level the app provides.

Later in the day, John leads a brainstorming session with his team. During the meeting, he notices several team members looking up various business terms, codes, and data sets using the On-The-Go app during the discussion over the traceability diagram for one of the fiscal reports. Efficiency can be contagious! As John comes home at the end of his day, he can have a peace of mind knowing that with Collibra On-The-Go the data governance is literally at his fingertips.

As the multi-screen behavior becomes mainstream in the social life, the quality of the data citizen’s workday can also be improved by offering multi-screen usage options and supporting their on-the-go attitude. If you’re a Collibra user, we encourage you to download On-The-Go app from Apple app store or check with your IT department for provisioning options. It takes all hands on deck to keep up with corporate data governance responsibilities, and the option of staying continuously connected can boost both agility and convenience for every data citizen in the enterprise. Studies have proven that multiple screens make us feel more efficient because we can act spontaneously and get a sense of accomplishment – and this results in a feeling of “found time.” And who doesn’t want that?

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