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A look at Data Citizens past, present and future

At Collibra, we believe that everyone is a data citizen. In today’s fast paced, digital world, everyone needs data to do their job. Data citizens need to be able to easily access trustworthy data so that they can make informed business decisions. But being a data citizen is not just about accessibility and the democratization of data. Rather, like a citizen, data citizens have rights and responsibilities. From a privacy and security perspective, a data citizen must ensure that data is used in the right way. This concept of a data citizen is a core part of our mission. This is why we named our user conference Data Citizen’s to celebrate all the people who use data every day to innovate and grow. 

What is the Data Citizens conference? 

Six years ago we held our first Data Citizens conference at a hotel in downtown New York City. This small event of about 60 people represented the start of Collibra’s ongoing success in the data space. This event was a place where our customers could come together and share insights and best practices. Over the years Data Citizens has really expanded beyond just a user conference and has become more of a community and industry conference. This year we expect around 5000 attendees including customers, industry experts and prospects from around the world. Data Citizens brings together people from various industries that are all passionate about doing more with their data. 

Who should attend Data Citizens and what should they expect? 

One of the greatest benefits of a virtual event is that everyone can attend. Data Citizens is free and open to all so people can join from around the world. This event will include sessions from our customers on the best practices to achieve data intelligence and digital transformation, as well as sessions from industry experts that can paint a picture of where we are going as a data industry in the future. Data Citizens also includes product specific sessions so customers and prospects can learn more about our product roadmap and see how we are innovating every day. I want attendees to leave these sessions with pragmatic takeaways that they can apply the next day in their job. I also hope that attendees connect, build relationships and learn from their peers through the Data Citizens community. Ultimately for me, Data Citizens is really about connecting people through their passion for data. I am thrilled to see how Data Citizens has evolved over the years and I am looking forward to bringing the data citizens community together at our best event yet this June. 

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