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A deep dive into Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud: Hands-on labs at Data Citizens ‘22

Today at Data Citizens ‘22, we are diving deep into data intelligence with classrooms full of users who want to learn from the best technical instructors in Collibra’s hands-on labs and workshops.

Some of the world’s most innovative data leaders are here in San Diego, California and we are kicking off the week with intensive skills training before the mainstage sessions begin tomorrow.

Data Quality

Data citizens right now are working with Collibra’s Eric Gerstner. They’ve arrived with laptops in hand and have brought him their real-world problems. He is tackling any data quality questions they can throw at him and working with all levels from beginner to advanced.


Down the hall, assessments are being workshopped with Collibra’s Tom Dejonghe, Simla Sivanandan and Wouter Mertens.

It’s tough to get decision-makers together to approve a proposal, and we all know repeated governance processes take up lots of time. Users here are learning Collibra’s assessment module to streamline any business process, especially where multiple teams are involved.

“I have to ask why we aren’t doing this,” said Colleen MacDonald, data governance manager at Citizens Bank, who attended another session. “We’re mature enough now, and this will really help my stakeholders.”


All opinions are welcome in this product ideation session with Collibra’s Ann Wuyts. Everyone in this session has brought their most pressing challenges and exciting ideas to learn how to share feedback with the Collibra Product Team. This is a chance to see how your ideas impact future products and features and how to become a private beta tester yourself.

Dashboards, dashboards, dashboards

In this workshop, data citizens are building exciting, branded dashboards for their organizations. Collibra dashboards are the most effective way to draw in your users and lead them to value.

Attendees are using the Dashboard Designer Kit to build compelling dashboards that will help leverage Collibra enterprise-wide.

Collibra University

Our technical instructors are also here training Data Citizens who can choose to take 1-2 courses out of 6 choices. Their typical virtually-led sessions have rooms buzzing with their product- and solution-focused training. 

Data citizens are here mastering Collibra’s Data Catalog Registration process. They’re learning to ingest metadata by creating an Edge capability and connecting to a data source. Ultimately, they will learn how to designate who is responsible for adding metadata, how to view data profiling information, and create data sets.

Nouran Hashimi, a data governance analyst with Stanford University, is exploring Collibra for the first time. She spent hours on her laptop diving into Collibra Skills in Action: Asset Governance. “It’s been very practical and helpful,” she said as the session ended, “engaging – and fun.”

Beginner data stewards and data authors are also in the midst of learning best practices in data governance, including writing definitions, creating asset views, and proposing and approving assets. 

As you move from session to session, there is so much here to learn, including designing workflows, writing workflow scripts to automate processes, data privacy assessments, and Tableau technical lineage.

“We make it as interactive and simple as possible,” said Collibra technical trainer Maria Ramos Sandez, who ended a two-hour session with the same humor and high energy she started with. ”At the end of the day, the goal of training is really to get your creativity going, recognize what is relevant to you and go home and accomplish it.”

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