7 steps to data intelligence


At Collibra, our mission is to change how organizations use data, so our customers can change the world.

We help organizations do more with trusted data — and we know from experience that a data catalog is a huge step on the road to data intelligence. 

That’s why we are still so excited about Data Catalogs For Dummies, Collibra Special Edition.

Embarking on your journey to data intelligence? 

There are seven essential steps you can take with your data catalog to make data intelligence a reality in your organization.

Step one: support the entire organization

To unite your organization around data, you’ll want to make it easy for everyone to discover, understand and trust data.

When you have multiple technical or source-specific data catalogs, unfortunately, you’re perpetuating the existing silos that likely spurred your interest in an enterprise data catalog. 

Opt for an enterprise data catalog that serves as a comprehensive platform and can evolve with your organization’s business needs.

If you’re a data team aiming to build a data catalog to speed your AI applications’ time-to-market, start with your key projects. An initial focus can lay the groundwork for future success. Discover more about Collibra AI Governance

Step two: connect to all your data

To achieve data intelligence, connect your data catalog to your entire data landscape and all your data sources — from databases, data warehouses, and data lakes, to cloud platforms, ETL tools, BI tools, ERP, and CRM systems. 

A robust integration with cloud platforms can facilitate your digital transformation and cloud migration processes.

Step three: enable automation at scale

With the exponential increase in the volume and variety of data a manual approach to data intelligence is no longer viable. Invest in automation for data discovery, classification, stewardship, and policy enforcement. 

By leveraging automation with an enterprise-grade data catalog like Collibra, you can minimize manual tasks and accelerate time-to-value from your data catalog.

Discover all the steps to data intelligence

In this blog, we’ve only covered the first three steps in your journey towards achieving data intelligence with a data catalog. But there’s more:

  •  Want to learn how to gain visibility with data lineage?
  • Interested in driving trust with collaboration?
  • Curious about how to embed data governance and privacy into your data catalog?
  • Eager to establish a data marketplace?

Ready to explore more about data catalogs and data intelligence? Explore Data Catalogs For Dummies, Collibra Special Edition, the ultimate guide to data catalogs wherever you are on your data intelligence journey. 

Get your copy now to learn how to:

  • Take steps to control your data
  • Identify the right data catalog
  • Maximize the value of your data catalog
  • Use your catalog for governance and privacy
  • Build a foundation for data intelligence

Discover Data Catalogs For Dummies today.

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