6 unbeatable benefits of Collibra Data Quality & Observability with Pushdown


Are you relying on data for reporting and analytics but questioning the accuracy of the data? Are you spending a fortune on testing the quality of your data? Are you making decisions based on obsolete data? Are you concerned about the additional cost of quality as your business scales up? 

Data quality challenges 

As a data user, you want your data to be high quality and ready for use as soon as it arrives. But there are always challenges in monitoring data, detecting quality issues, analyzing the root causes, and getting the issues fixed fast.

Most data quality solutions promise a vast array of features but fail to deliver them. Meanwhile, you pay extra for moving your data to the quality testing platform, settle for stale data, or miss opportunities just waiting for your data to be certified as high quality.

Collibra Data Quality & Observability with Pushdown puts an end to these worries. It offers a simpler, more cost-effective way of ensuring your data is ready for use in making critical business decisions.

Collibra Data Quality & Observability with Pushdown

Collibra Data Quality & Observability continuously monitors your data cloud to quickly surface data issues across your data warehouses, data clouds and data pipelines. With real-time alerts, you can rapidly work on issues and make trusted data available to drive intelligent business decisions.

Collibra uses Machine Learning (ML) to detect anomalies and auto-generate data quality rules. It improves productivity by centralizing and automating workflows to streamline data and analytics.

Now with the addition of Data Quality Pushdown, our customers can minimize the amount of data transfer and computing required for running their data quality jobs. Instead of moving the data to a separate compute plane for processing, the system generates SQL queries that push the job directly to the data source, saving time and resources.

Data Quality Pushdown helps our customers streamline their data quality processes and take full advantage of the cloud’s benefits without sacrificing performance or requiring additional infrastructure.

There are six compelling reasons to choose Collibra Data Quality & Observability with Pushdown.

1.      Complete visibility into the quality of your data in your data cloud

Build end-to-end pipeline monitoring to look inside pipelines and help reveal blind spots in your data operations. Discover rule breaks, detect anomalies, and assess outlier values. Find out where problems occur and fix them at the source. Get a continuous view of the quality of your data and leverage every opportunity to improve it. Proactively surface data issues across your data cloud and make trusted data readily available for your data consumers.

2.      Your data doesn’t leave your data cloud

Collibra Data Quality & Observability automatically integrates with your data cloud, improving data quality without transferring data out of your warehouse. Using the native interface of Collibra, you can run all your quality jobs and processes on your data cloud servers. Your data doesn’t leave your data warehouse, which means you can securely process it in your data cloud with no egress fees.

3.      Auto-scaling and unparalleled performance

Native integration helps you process your data in the most efficient way possible. Automate tasks and perform real-time analytics to keep pace with the ever-changing data landscape. Leverage a native integration to ensure data is processed in the cloud, eliminating egress costs, and improving throughput. Auto-scale based on your processing requirements and meet the business demands without compromising runtime performance.  

4.      Instant ML-generated adaptive rules  

Collibra Data Quality & Observability’s ML-generated, adaptive rules free you from spending too much time writing rules. Connect to any data source and generate thousands of monitoring controls in minutes. Instantly detect breaking trends, catch bad data, and stop sending it downstream.

What’s more, you can also create your own custom rules with an intuitive, built-in SQL editor. Leverage the rule templates and build custom rules for your organization and domain. Reuse and share the rules across multiple business units to improve operational efficiency.

5.      Reduced latency and no Spark dependency

Data Quality Pushdown generates SQL queries to offload the compute to the data source. You can scan billions of records within seconds without the need to transfer to Spark for computation, delivering faster time to value by reducing latency and eliminating your Spark dependency.

6.      Data discovery and enforcement for compliance

Automate data discovery, validation, and compliance with intelligent tags and hundreds of out-of-the-box industry-specific rules.

Improve data quality across your organization with reusable rules to save time and resources. Automatically discover sensitive data, enforce quality, and act on broken records.

Getting started

Get the most out of your data by using Collibra Data Quality & Observability with Pushdown for to:

  • Prevent downstream issues and achieve faster results with the ability to rapidly monitor your data sources with no code necessary.
  • Save time and money with superior features that provide complete visibility into your data quality.
  • Achieve faster results and improved ROI by securely running processes directly in your data cloud.

Unbeatable benefits. Future-readiness. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies.

Check it out for yourself. Request a demo or start a free trial today.

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Want to learn about Data Quality Pushdown for Databricks?

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