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Governing data on GCP with Collibra

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Trusted data to derive value from cloud

The partnership of Google Cloud and Collibra enables enterprises to apply a consistent data governance model to their cloud infrastructure. Google Cloud is a comprehensive suite of services for modernizing your workloads on world-class infrastructure, adopting hybrid or multi-cloud environments, or driving decision making with intelligent analytics. Collibra enables enterprises to apply a concrete data governance strategy across their Google Cloud Platforms. Together, Google Cloud and Collibra give enterprises confidence in their ability to access and use data to drive insights and improve business outcomes.

Drive trusted decisions for multi-cloud infrastructures
Build a strong data foundation

“I’m excited about our partnership with Collibra. Together we bring two best in class capabilities to help customers accelerate their data journey. The integration between Google Cloud and Collibra makes it easier for enterprises to understand and use the data that is vital to their business. Our partnership provides our customers a strong foundation for governance that enables them to take control of their data, scale access and accelerate analytics all while maintaining compliance with privacy and policy practices.”

Evren Eryurek

Director, Product Management, Data Management & Streaming Analytics, Google Cloud

Unified view of trusted data across cloud infrastructure

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Digital transformation

Enterprises are well on their way to using cloud technologies to store growing data and to help accelerate data driven insights. Customers need a proven platform for helping business users find, understand, and trust that data. Collibra brings data governance and catalog capabilities to Google Cloud platform to allow Google Cloud customers to keep up with the pace of change on the cloud.

Multi-cloud governance

Data governance is critical to understanding where data has and is being stored, how it’s being used and who has access to it, especially if enterprises are using multiple cloud providers. Collibra unifies governance across multiple cloud storage platforms and cloud applications. Through a direct interface with Google Cloud, Collibra allows your data governance policies to be natively enforced at the storage layer.

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Data discovery

Easily access enterprise data assets from various cloud platforms in a single location.

Collibra enables users to access a single view of data from anywhere in their enterprise all with access permissions and policy management capabilities with their governed data catalog.

Scalable analytics

A cloud architecture should offer durable storage and support fast query performance and scalability. Google BigQuery is a serverless, fully-managed data warehouse that enables scalable, cost-effective and fast analysis of big data. With the integration of Collibra, enterprises can deliver trusted insights and faster analysis of big data.

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Centralize trusted data across a hybrid data lake

Learn how ATB Financial used Collibra to build consistent governance through their migration from SAP HANA and on-prem Hadoop to Google Cloud.