General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR: First global definition of modern-day data privacy

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Consumer data control

Build a culture of privacy by design

The GDPR requires any organization with personal data from EU citizens to track where it came from, get consent to use it, have a plan for deleting it, and be transparent about what is done with it. Enable rapid change to adapt to new regulations while building a true data culture.

Ensure data privacy GDPR compliance

A sustainable approach

to GDPR compliance

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Establish compliance and

manage risk remediation

Manage compliance through risk evaluations and assessments, then take remediation actions as issues arise. Monitor compliance progress through easy-to-understand dashboards and reports.

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Manage the entire personal data

process lifecycle

Use best practice workflows developed by Collibra specifically to support complying with GDPR. Manage approvals, identify risk controls and tailor workflows to match your particular business needs.

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Advocate compliance and

build a data privacy culture

Collibra University provides training on GDPR as well as on a wide range of data privacy, security, and development topics for employees. Ensure your team understands and can comply with the regulatory requirements.

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Mitigate and control third-party

communications risks

Audit data and business process lineage during data exchanges with all third parties, make sure your databases are GDPR compliant, and stay aware of potential issues arising from every communication.

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Gain organizational alignment

around GDPR compliance

Collibra supports a sustainable approach to compliance. Learn how to manage data privacy policies, create and maintain a data process activity register, perform data protection impact assessments, and evidence compliance to regulators and other stakeholders.

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