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Beyond regulatory compliance

What is data privacy?

There is more to privacy than complying with GDPR and CCPA. When consumers trust that their data is protected, it is good for business. Collibra Privacy & Risk allows organizations to build customer trust by operationalizing privacy policies, collaborating across the privacy lifecycle and scaling compliance across new regulations quickly and easily.

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getting data privacy right

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Operationalize privacy policies

Initiate a sustainable approach: Manage data privacy policies, maintain a data process activity register, perform impact assessments, conduct inventory and mapping, and monitor privacy by design.

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Reduce risks from data exchanges

Threats from data interactions with third parties keep escalating. With Collibra as your data risk management tool, you can audit data and business process lineage and manage risks accordingly.

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Scale compliance quickly and easily

Engage with a scalable platform that makes it easy to expand support as data privacy regulations continue to evolve — principles like lineage, workflows and governance are built into the foundation.

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Optimize governance of sensitive data

Manage sensitive data across its entire lifecycle — know who created it, who’s using it — and track risk metrics to make choices about access. Clear roles and responsibilities enable a robust data culture.

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Get compliant with current regulations

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California Consumer Privacy Act

As of January 2020, California residents have the right to know what data is being collected about them, how it’s used and how to request access to or deletion of their personal data.

Stay on top of CCPA
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General Data Protection Regulation

Organizations must embrace GDPR compliance, operationalize it and be prepared for more regulations that give individuals rights over their personal data.

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