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CCPA and GDPR compliance

Operationalizing data privacy

Collibra delivers privacy from a Data Intelligent foundation that centralizes, automates and guides privacy workflows. Privacy by design is embedded into a single platform, enabling teams across departments to collaborate and operationalize privacy. By awakening the value of data, Collibra accelerates an organization’s ability to address global regulatory requirements.

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Learn how Collibra joins all your privacy assets together to give your team a holistic view and management system. Join our Data Citizens ‘21 session to learn the latest on Collibra Data Privacy.

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Accelerate privacy operations with the data you already have

Automate business processes, data mapping, and PI discovery and classification for privacy workflows.

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Collaborate on a single platform across teams

Empower the privacy office, data governance team, and business owners to deliver privacy initiatives with role-relevant context.

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Operationalize policies in a central location

Govern privacy policies to ensure policies are effectively managed across the enterprise. Define and document workflows, traceability views, and business processes registers.

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Scale compliance across multiple regulations

Use a platform built with privacy by design principles that is easily extensible to support new regulations.

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Get compliant with current regulations

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California Consumer Privacy Act

As of January 2020, California residents have the right to know what data is being collected about them, how it’s used and how to request access to or deletion of their personal data.

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General Data Protection Regulation

Organizations must embrace GDPR compliance, operationalize it and be prepared for more regulations that give individuals rights over their personal data.

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