The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Build and sustain a privacy by design culture

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has significant data privacy requirements that demand a strategic response. It requires that any organization that has personal data of EU citizens tracks where it came from, gets consent to use it, has a plan for deleting it, and is transparent about what they’re doing with it. To thrive in this new ecosystem, organizations need to embrace GDPR compliance, operationalize it, and be prepared for additional regulatory change.

Together, technology and cultural change support true organizational alignment around GDPR compliance.

Perform assessments and manage risk remediation

Undertake data protection impact assessments (DPIAs), compliance assessments, and legitimate interest assessments (LIAs). Link assessments to data assets.

Create and maintain a data process activity register

Develop and update the data process activity register for a comprehensive view of personal data use. Changes automatically flag other impacted areas.

Educate about GDPR. Deepen the data privacy culture.

Collibra University provides training on GDPR as well as on a wide range of data privacy, security, and development topics for employees.

Evidence data privacy compliance to regulators

Full audit trails enable organizations to quickly and easily evidence GDPR compliance activities to supervisors, auditors, and other stakeholders.

Why Collibra?

Collibra’s leading platform provides a sustainable approach to GDPR compliance for organizations around the globe. Companies use Collibra to operationalize their entire approach to data privacy, including key GDPR tasks, and to build a true data culture. With Collibra, organizations will also be able to adapt to regulatory change quickly and easily, as data privacy rules evolve.

Ready for a post-GDPR world?

You’ve met your GDPR requirements. Great! But to build a scalable data privacy program, organizations will need to adopt flexible frameworks that meet new demands from consumers, customers, and regulators.



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Ready to build a sustainable GDPR compliance strategy?