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Democratize data

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Collibra Catalog empowers business users to quickly discover and understand data that matters so they can generate impactful insights that drive business value. Leveraging industry-leading governance capabilities of the Collibra Platform, Collibra Catalog ensures Data Citizens always have access to the most trusted data available.

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Catalog benefits

Benefit from an


governed data catalog

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Create a unified view of all

data assets

Gain comprehensive visibility into all relevant data with full business context — where it came from, who owns it, who uses it — for meaningful analysis and extended collaboration.

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Trust the data you use for


Ensure privacy policies are adhered to and that users always have access to trusted and approved data with industry-leading capabilities for efficient and effective data governance.

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Empower your organization

with data

Enable self-service data access so users can quickly and easily find the trustworthy, pre-defined and pre-approved data they need to do their jobs without waiting in the IT queue.

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Focus on delivering business


Allow analysts to spend less time searching for data and reports and more time deriving new insights and sharing their findings via integrations with leading business intelligence tools.


catalog capabilities

catalog native connectivity dv

Wide-ranging, native connectivity

Easily register your data sources using out-of-the-box integrations for commonly-used source systems to ingest data and get up and running faster.

Connect your data sources
catalog ml automation dv

ML-powered automation

Automate the process of adding context to new data with a proprietary algorithm that learns to identify data classes through machine learning.

Quickly tag data
catalog capabilities dv

True enterprise-grade capabilities

Highly configurable with the ability to support detailed policies, complex operating models, organizational structures and diverse data sets.

Deliver an enterprise-wide view of data
catalog embedded data governance dv

Embedded data governance

Link data to the business glossary and established policies, assign owners and certify data accuracy with appropriate governance processes and controls.

Build a governed catalog