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In most industries, digital transformation is no longer a “nice to have” – it’s crucial for companies to evolve and stay relevant. Many organizations diving in head first are turning to cloud service providers to store the growing data sets that come with a digitally-oriented business. Customers who select Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to help them in this journey benefit from the same innovative, disruptive capabilities that Google brings to its own platform and services. But in order to fully realize this potential, companies also need a proven platform for helping business users find, understand, and trust that data. Collibra allows for a cloud migration that is rapid but controlled. Disruptive, but low risk.

Today, Collibra joined a roster of data catalog partners announced by GCP at the Google NEXT conference in San Francisco. As part of this partnership, we’ll be working closely with Google’s product and engineering teams to bring data governance and catalog capabilities to the platform and allow GCP customers to keep up with the pace of change on the cloud. Thru metadata integrations with key GCP management components, like Anthos and GCP Catalog, Collibra will empower data citizens to leverage data more quickly and effectively.

Many organizations today are also building a strategy to deploy not just to a single cloud platform but to multiple platforms, which can reduce vendor dependency and risk while increasing complexity dramatically. In addition to partnering with GCP, Collibra also has relationships with Microsoft Azure and AWS, and can fully orchestrate a multi-cloud migration and operations by bringing visibility and control to fundamental data management activities across every cloud platform AND within the data center.

During my tenure in data management, I’ve watched the way managing data has evolved from trying to protect and limit access to “need to know” individuals, to trying to engage and educate every stakeholder about the benefit and value of data in every aspect of the business. But engagement comes with challenge and responsibility. Today Collibra is uniquely suited to provide this layer of sensible, low-risk management of your cloud migration and infrastructure.

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