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Revamping Your Existing Data Governance Ecosystem for Improved Analytics

Webinar hosted by HealthsystemCIO.com
February 15 | 12 pm EST | 9 am PST

Why is it every presentation about improving data governance assumes the listeners will be operating in a greenfield environment? Of course, that’s almost never the case, because while many folks may not be in love with the process for managing data at their health systems, they do have something in place. With that in mind, this unique webinar will explore the subject of how to take a functioning, but imperfect, data governance program and improve it on the fly. How, essentially, do you upgrade your data governance plane to support the next leg of the journey while it’s in the air? Considering starting from scratch is usually not an option, this is one webinar you can’t afford to miss. Register now.

How to Become a Data Governance Expert

How to Become a Data Governance Expert

Everything you need to know to master your organization’s data

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