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MIT ICIQ Conference

The discipline of Information and Data Quality continues to mature as organizations recognize information to be among their most important assets. This is reflected in the growing adoption of governance programs as a way to assure that information is managed as an asset.

However, an information quality and governance program will not by itself guarantee success. It requires leadership and ownership by business at the executive level. In many data-driven enterprises, this leadership, vision, and strategy reside with the Chief Data Officer (CDO).

With this in mind, the theme of ICIQ 2017 is “Focus on Value and Strategy” looking at value and strategy from data provisioning, data cleansing, data transformation, and data integration to building an effective data governance program, and investing in IQ education and training, change management, DQ metrics, and information privacy and security.

MIT ICIQ Conference
Eit Building | 2801 South University Avenue | Little Rock, Ar 72204
October 6-7, 2017
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How to Become a Data Governance Expert

How to Become a Data Governance Expert

Everything you need to know to master your organization’s data

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