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Data Governance: Aspirin or Vitamin?

Many organizations use data governance as an aspirin. It eases an immediate pain, like a looming regulatory deadline, and makes it temporarily go away. But organizations that use data governance as a vitamin – and practice data governance systemically – gain competitive advantage. Join Collibra Co-founder and CTO Stan Christiaens as he shares how to

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Webinar – Data Governance: The Key to Taming the Big Data Beast

Big data presents big opportunities. And big challenges. As the volume and velocity of data continues to grow, so does the need for accuracy, trust, and governance. Organizations that successfully navigate big data in all its forms know that data governance is key to their success. Join Stephen Gatchell, Chief Data Officer Engineering Analytics &

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Solvency II Complimentary Webinar

Solvency II – Now the pain begins. How to fix your Solvency II workarounds Feb 11, 2016 – 10:00 am ET / 3:00 pm London / 4:00 pm CET   Many insurance companies and asset managers scrambled to meet the January 2016 implementation deadline for Solvency II. But now the pain begins as firms look

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The Data Governance Equation Complimentary Webinar

The Data Governance Equation December 10, 2015 12 PM ET/9 AM PT World Omni’s Data Governance Lead and Data Governance Advisor will share their experiences in developing a Data Governance enterprise program. The focus will address how their use of the Data Governance Equation (People + Process + Technology = Collibra) has helped to energize

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BCBS 239 Complimentary Webinar

Webinar begins 10:00 am ET / 3:00 pm London / 4:00 pm CET   With only weeks to go until BCBS 239 takes effect on January 1, 2016, large banks within the scope of the regulation are making final preparations for compliance. Some may be more than ready on the day, others less so, but

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