Monetizing data with intelligence

Data is an organization's greatest asset, and many organizations are looking at how to monetize their data so they can extract more value from it. External data monetization shifts the focus from putting data to use internally to creating new revenue externally. To get maximum value from external data monetization efforts, organizations need to utilize best practices and technologies from data intelligence. In this IDC paper, you will learn:

  • The process to follow when approaching data monetization projects.
  • How data intelligence is beneficial throughout the data product lifecycle.
  • How incorporating data intelligence can ensure trust in data products and lead to successful monetization efforts.


Many organizations are becoming information businesses as the amount and value of the data they produce and consume continue to increase. To better extract value from enterprise data, many organizations are developing opportunities to realize additional revenue from external parties for their data. In this paper, IDC discusses how to approach data monetization projects and the importance of utilizing data intelligence best practices and technologies.