Create an enterprise vision for data quality and observability

This white paper outlines the critical components of a successful data quality function and considerations on how to get there. You will learn:

  • How to prepare to make the case for data quality
  • How to establish your data quality function
  • How to maintain your quality results with seven steps from First San Fransisco Partners


Talking about data quality issues or quality management can be overwhelming or too theoretical. Those seeking to establish a successful enterprise data quality function need a concrete plan to build confidence and enthusiasm when making the case to invest in resourcing and a new tool.

As the visionary trying to make the case to bring more rigor around data quality, it is critical to know the various data quality-related activities and the right order to execute them. Knowing these aspects can help show your organization that they are already doing data quality management, but likely not in the most efficient or effective way.


As organizations turn their focus to better leveraging their growing volumes of data, key business and technical stakeholders are working through the long, arduous process of making the case to formalize various data capabilities and investing in the related technologies. A common reason to invest in a data strategy is an overall need for better data understanding and easier access to quality and trusted data to support operational and analytical activities. Given that, why is an enterprise data quality tool commonly an after thought or put at the end of a wish list?