On-demand webinar

Ensuring data privacy with AI Governance

Unlock the secrets to balancing AI innovation with data privacy. In this webinar,  Collibra’s Wouter Mertens and Alexandre t’Kint delve into the crucial topic of AI governance.


  • The impact of AI's demand for high-quality data on privacy concerns

  • Essential data regulations like GDPR and CCPA

  • Strategies for navigating AI innovation while safeguarding data privacy


AI requires an ever-growing cycle of high-quality data to provide better results, leading to better outcomes and the need for even more data. This has raised data privacy concerns from both governments and individuals.  Data regulations like GDPR and CCPA mandate organizations to do everything they can to mitigate data privacy risks. In the second of our AI Governance 101 series, recorded in March 2023, Wouter Mertens and Alexandre t’Kint discussed how to balance the need to innovate with AI while ensuring data privacy throughout your complex data landscape.