On-demand event session

Denodo: Empowering Data Scientists and Data Analysts with self service analytics

At Cymer/ASML, the data assets are distributed across the company, starting from machine data generated from the customer fabrication sites and the business process data generated from the internal processes across internal manufacturing, supply chain, inventory, service & support lines.

In this session, recorded at Data Citizens ‘22, ASML discusses how it is using Denodo's data fabric platform and metadata management solution from Collibra to empower its data scientists and data analysts with self service analytics.

In this recording, you will learn:

  • How self service analytics is helping ASML's data scientists and data analysts conduct predictive analytics, explore data and generate reports on their own.

  • How users can bring their own data into Denodo as a data virtualization, creating virtualized integrated models without extensive IT involvement or heavy data modeling.

  • How Data Lineage documented in Collibra is providing data analysts and data scientists full visibility into ASML's data marketplace.


  • Sathyan Munirathinam, Principal Architect, IT Data Services and Analytics Platforms, ASML

  • Ravi Shankar, SVP & CMO, Denodo