Data technology trends for 2022

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  • Six predictions about the trends and breakthroughs in data we can expect
  • How data trends influence and improve the way we work

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Data–and how we use it–has proved to be a massive asset and a key part of digital transformation. The key to getting the value out of this data? Integrating it all together in new, informative ways.


To the dismay of many, 2021 turned out to be, in many ways, a continuation of 2020. The omnipresent uncertainty and workplace confusion caused by the Covid-19 pandemic continued unabated.

But we've grown accustomed to this uncertainty, and we are learning to survive, and even thrive, in this new era. Things that appeared as challenges to many businesses at first are now recognized as opportunities to improve our connectivity and resiliency as organizations.

Although it hasn't happened as quickly as we all hoped, the pandemic will come to an end at some point. But the innovations we've developed and implemented as a result of the sudden demands Covid engendered will remain, improving the way we work and securing a healthier work/life balance.