What is data lineage? A beginner's guide

This e-book will explain important data lineage information, like:

  • What data lineage is
  • Why you should care about data lineage
  • How you can leverage data lineage to drive true business value

Read the full ebook for an in-depth look at data lineage and how it can benefit your organization.


Do your really know your data? Collecting data is half the battle–but the next step to value is truly understanding the data. Data lineage provides complete visablity into where your data is, where it came from, and where it is going, so you know the full context behind your data before using it to make impactful business decisions.


Data lineage is hot. And that's no surprise. Data is everywhere. And its value is growing. Today, our every activity — from watching Netflix to taking a run to opening the refrigerator — has the potential to leave a digital trace. Artificial Intelligence is creating new knowledge at breathtaking speed. And self-driving cars will likely generate 100 gigabytes of data per second.

But while data is expanding, our capacity to derive value from it is not keeping pace. A McKinsey study suggests that most companies are capturing only a fraction of their data's value. Organizations trying to harness this flood of data are turning to self-service BI tools to put data directly into the hands of business users who need it.

. Still, according to a recent Gartner report, more than 60% of those initiatives will fail to deliver trustworthy data. And when business users stop trusting their data, even the best BI tools will disappoint.