Effective Date – March 15th 2022

Project objectives

Customer is seeking support for their implementation of Collibra. This program will support the Collibra implementation and help Customer leverage the product for multiple use cases as a means of transferring knowledge and best practices to Customer for continuing, extended use of the platform.

The Collibra Resident Enterprise Architect program is structured as a 12-month engagement. Collibra will work with Customer to jointly establish the overall engagement plan, spread approximately equally across the year, with both short and longer-term priorities.

Phase/Task Customer responsibility Collibra responsibility
Establish the plan for the year, including both periodic and ongoing activities
  • Provide internal roadmap
  • Participate in planning
  • Participate actively in quarterly reviews
  • Develop the plan for the year to align with customer’s roadmap
  • Quarterly reviews and updates of plan
Phase/Task Customer responsibility Collibra responsibility
Collibra Technical design
  • Provide relevant environmental information for design activities
  • Participate in design sessions
Help design the Collibra technical solution for specific use case(s) and other periodic support activities
Best Practices
Phase/Task Customer responsibility Collibra responsibility
Instill best practices into Customer’s Collibra team way of working
  • Participate in best practice sharing sessions
  • Implement recommended, relevant best practices, with Collibra guidance
  • Share strategic best practices – delivered as needed
  • Share configuration and performance, as well as end user operational experience, best practices
  • Provide continuous review on new use cases
  • Provide guidance and development support on Collibra topics such as:
    • Catalog and Glossary
    • Native connectors for metadata ingestion; using the Collibra API
    • SSO / LDAP configuration
    • Business / technical lineage & diagrams
    • Workflows
Knowledge acceleration
Phase/Task Customer responsibility Collibra responsibility
Share knowledge and coach Customer team
  • Work with Collibra on architecture
  • Identify individuals working towards Ranger certification
  • Suggest topics for and attend “brown-bag,” other open office sessions
Work with Customer resources as a primary technical advisor, providing guidance on:

  • Reference architecture and guidance
  • Provide coaching to help team members achieve Ranger certification
  • Conduct periodic “brown-bag” or other open office-type sessions
Adoption support
Phase/Task Customer responsibility Collibra responsibility
Provide guidance and examples of successful Collibra adoption tools, approaches, and methods
  • Participate in adoption workshop
  • Implement adoption oriented Collibra capabilities with Resident Architect guidance
  • Participate in Collibra roadmap session(s)
  • Conduct an adoption recommendations workshop
  • Involvement in specific adoption-related initiatives (like dashboard design)
  • Support initiatives leveraging Collibra user experience features for increased adoption
  • Preview upcoming Collibra roadmap release detail and map new features to your planned use cases
Operational excellence
Phase/Task Customer responsibility Collibra responsibility
Proactive review, assessment, and recommendation activities
  • Run Op Model Diagnostic workflow
  • Participate in review sessions
  • Periodic Operating Model Diagnostic recommendations
  • Other assessment and recommendation activities such as a Health Check, Program Assessment or 360° Assessment

Out of scope

Any and all tasks not detailed in the IN-SCOPE section above are considered out of scope, including:

  1. Workflow development.
  2. Configuration of custom asset pages.
  3. Configuration of Reference Data, Policy Manager, and Data Helpdesk modules of Collibra Data Governance Center.
  4. Database administration (DBA) responsibilities including configuration or administration of database servers and database software.
  5. Knowledge of third-party software APIs and interface mechanisms.
  6. Use of third-party test automation software or test automation expertise.
  7. Custom report development using third party tools.
  8. Integration with other systems.
  9. Data preparation and sourcing or extraction of data from the source systems.
  10. Design, configuration and implementation of high availability or disaster recovery environments.
  11. Program management is the responsibility of Customer including all communication with the steering committee.
  12. Any development with the DGC Java API or REST API.
  13. Installation, configuration, use or administration of any third-party software not provided by Collibra.
  14. Organizational Change management activities such as communication planning, organizational design or role mapping.


  1. Customer will provide requested information for analysis, design or integration, as relevant, in the project.
  2. Customer will identify stakeholders representing line-of-business data stewards, and the data office to participate in the project starting at kickoff.
  3. The Customer will provide machines and network access if Collibra consultants are not permitted to use their Collibra issued laptop (Mac or PC).
  4. Customer will provide remote access to Collibra staff to the Collibra environments in-scope.
  5. Documents will be delivered using Collibra templates, format and content.
  6. Collibra personnel shall be deployed during Collibra’s normal operating hours in the location of work.
  7. Resident Enterprise Architect is allocated to the customer up to 20 hours a month in a 12-month term, expiring monthly, and up to 40 hours a month in a 12-month term, expiring monthly, for Resident Enterprise Architect – Premium.
  8. The project is expected to be completed within twelve (12) months from the Order Effective Date. Collibra shall not be obligated to perform any Services or provide any Deliverables after this expiration even if the estimated Professional Services time stated above has not been fully utilized in the twelve (12) month period following the Effective Date. The parties will negotiate in good faith a change order should any additional days/hours be required beyond the foregoing time period.
  9. Customer acknowledges that Collibra may utilize subcontractors in its performance of the Services hereunder.
  10. Customer acknowledges that the expected schedule is based on Collibra’s industry experience. While performing the Services hereunder, Collibra may encounter unforeseen circumstances that increase the effort required to fulfill its obligations. Therefore, Customer hereby agrees that should Collibra require any additional hours and/or days to complete the objectives in the Description of Services, the parties shall mutually agree upon a change order setting out the amended scope and/or fees for such additional hours. Collibra shall use its best efforts to provide to Customer as much advance notice of any such additional hours as possible.
Role Responsibilities
Resident Enterprise Architect
  • Conducts data gathering sessions
  • Help with design and architecture and ensure alignment with key project use cases
  • Guide Customer on how to configure Collibra’s technology given Customer’s detailed business requirements
  • Provides written documentation of analysis, findings and recommendations
  • Presents findings and recommendations to key stakeholders and discusses next steps
  • Advise on strategic best practices
  • Deliver adoption recommendations Workshop and provide continuous review on new use cases
  • Consult and advise on Customer’s end-user operational experience
Solution Implementation Manager
  • Time management and program progress reporting.
  • Provides program direction and is part of monthly and quarterly progress and review meetings.