Effective Date – December 20th 2021

Project objectives

Customer is seeking Professional Services support with identification of the data governance use cases as well as key implementation activities and guidance on how to prioritize them to build an executable Collibra Implementation Roadmap for platform rollout designed to achieve the business outcomes described below.

In scope

Customer responsibility Collibra responsibility
  • Participate in reference and architectural sessions with relevant resources and decision-makers
  • Follow best-practice recommendations, where practicable
    Work with Customer resources as a primary technical advisor, providing guidance on the following matters:

  • Reference architecture
  • Architectural guidance
  • Collibra best practice considerations related to Collibra configuration, accounts, security guidance, data management and other topics as agreed upon by the parties
Helping implement new Collibra-certified metadata integrations and sources
Design dashboards as needed with Collibra support Enabling the customer team on the development of new dashboards to provide end users with a better experience and raise adoption
Provide version upgrade support – enablement on new features
Expanding the model to new internal organizational domains and communities (by geography, function, department or use case)
  • Participate in status and quarterly reviews
  • Agree remediation efforts for issues raised
  • Monthly status reporting and quarterly reviews
  • Identify issues and recommend remediations
Provide ongoing technical guidance for ingestion, security, performance tuning & optimization, and advanced Collibra features
Suggest product features and improvements Provide product advocacy
Serve as a primary technical lead with access to Collibra technical experts who can facilitate collaboration on broader technical items
Facilitate Customer access to Collibra support resources

Out of scope

Any and all tasks not detailed in the IN-SCOPE section above are considered out of scope, including:

  1. Database administration (DBA) responsibilities including configuration or administration of database servers and database software.
  2. Design, configuration and implementation of high availability or disaster recovery environments.
  3. Program management is the responsibility of the Customer, including all communication with the steering committee.
  4. Organizational change management activities.


  1. Customer will provide requested information for performing in-scope duties.
  2. The Customer will provide machines and network access if Collibra consultants are not permitted to use their Collibra issued laptop (Mac or PC).
  3. Customer will provide remote access to Collibra staff to the Collibra environments in-scope.
  4. Documents will be delivered using Collibra templates, format and content.
  5. The implementation is assumed to run for one (1) year from the Order Effective Date. Delays will have impact on the timeline and may require a Change Request (CR) to address the cost overage. Customer shall be allocated 40 hours per calendar month to be utilized for the Services hereunder. Any unused hours shall expire at the end of the relevant calendar month.
  6. Customer and Collibra will mutually agree on the location of work.
  7. Collibra personnel shall be deployed during Collibra’s normal operating hours in the location of work.
  8. Customer acknowledges that Collibra may utilize subcontractors in its performance of the Services hereunder.
  9. Customer acknowledges that the expected schedule is based on Collibra’s industry experience. While performing the Services hereunder, Collibra may encounter unforeseen circumstances that increase the effort required to fulfill its obligations. Therefore, Customer hereby agrees that should Collibra require any additional hours and/or days to complete the objectives in the Description of Services, the parties shall mutually agree upon a change order setting out the amended scope and/or fees for such additional hours. Collibra shall use its best efforts to provide to Customer as advance notice of any such additional hours as possible.

Collibra personnel roles & responsibilities

Role Responsibilities
Resident Enterprise Architect
  • Responsible for configuring Collibra’s software per Customer’s instructions.
    • Resolve technical issues, develop, and test specified workflows, and perform Collibra integrations.
    • Guide Customer on configuration of Collibra’s technology given Customer’s detailed business requirements.
    • Perform architecture and design sessions for Collibra DGC, Workflow and Metadata Integrations.
  • Responsible for all agreed deliverables
Solution Implementation Manager
  • Time management and program progress reporting.
  • Provides program direction and is part of monthly and quarterly progress and review meetings.