Effective Date – December 1st 2021


Collibra shall provide 80 hours of Program Management, with responsibility for the overall delivery of services on the associated Foundation consulting engagement including:

  • Accountable for interactions, clearances, security compliance etc. leading up to the beginning of “hands on keyboards” work
  • Responsible for strategic management of the engagement across all stakeholders and stages of delivery
  • Work with the Government counterpart to schedule training sessions
  • Responsible for engagement of Collibra resources for optional additions to the Collibra consulting engagement

Collibra Responsibilities:

Collibra will provide the qualified resource to be available for the duration of Services whose skills meet the requirements defined above

Finding an alternate resource if the Services cannot be delivered due to sickness or holiday.

Supply of suitably skilled resource(s) to cover arranged leave periods or extending the period of the contract at the discretion of the customer with prior agreement of parties.

Customer Responsibilities:

Customer will provide Collibra resource(s) with timely information, data and documentation as required to enable Collibra resource(s) to provide the Services and comply with Collibra responsibilities set forth herein with participation in scheduled periodic status reviews.


All services are provided during Standard Business Hours unless otherwise agreed and documented in writing in accordance with the Change Management Procedures defined herein.

Collibra Staff will perform duties in accordance with schedule agreed in advance and place of performance will be agreed to by the parties in advance.

As required, there may be a need to backfill the assigned Program Manager. If this is required, Collibra will ensure that the requisite skill set is covered, agreed with customer in advance, and the transition of resources is of an orderly nature.

Hours Expiration:

The Program Management hours shall expire on the one-year anniversary of the Order Start Date under which these hours were purchased. Collibra shall not be obligated to perform any Services or provide any Deliverables after this expiration even if the hours stated above has not been fully utilized in the foregoing time period.