Effective Date – April 6th 2022

Project objectives

Customer is seeking a quick review of their Collibra Operating Model design to understand opportunities for improvement and optimization with best practices.

In scope

Customer responsibility Collibra responsibility
  • Install, if necessary, the Operating Model Diagnostic workflow
  • Run the workflow
  • Provide access to the spreadsheet output of the workflow to Collibra
  • Attend a debrief on findings with relevant participants
  • Provide remote support for installation of the workflow, if required
  • Provide remote support for running the workflow, if required
  • Evaluate the findings of the spreadsheet output report to select the highest priority items
  • Prepare a report on top priority items and recommendations
  • Conduct an online session to review the findings and recommendations

Out of scope

Any and all tasks not detailed in the IN-SCOPE section above are considered out of scope.


  1. Customer will run the workflow and share the output with details of their Operating Model with Collibra’s Solution Architect.
  2. Documents will be delivered using Collibra templates, formats and content.
  3. Customer and Collibra will mutually agree on the location of work. As a principle, full-day workshops and trainings are recommended to be conducted on-site whereas activities such as configuration, development, documentation and test support are performed remotely.
  4. Collibra personnel shall be deployed during Collibra’s normal operating hours in the location of work.
  5. Customer acknowledges that Collibra may utilize subcontractors in its performance of the Services hereunder.
  6. The project is expected to be completed within twelve (12) months from the Order Effective Date. Collibra shall not be obligated to perform any Services or provide any Deliverables after this expiration even if the estimated Professional Services time stated above has not been fully utilized in the twelve (12) month period following the Effective Date. The parties will negotiate in good faith a change order should any additional days/hours be required beyond the foregoing time period.
Role Responsibilities
Solution Architect
  • Guide Customer on how to install and run the Operating Model Diagnostic workflow
  • Evaluate the output report from the workflow
  • Prepare and deliver recommendations based on the top priority findings from the workflow output report