Effective Date – April 6th 2022

Project objectives

Customer is seeking a quick technical review of their Collibra platform configuration. This program will assess conformity to best practices in the areas of Operating Model, Catalog performance and integrations and provide findings and recommendations for fine tuning the Collibra platform implementation.

In scope

Project Startup
Phase/Task Customer responsibility Collibra responsibility
Gather initial customer information and review process with key stakeholders
  • Run V1→V2 workflow script and send Collibra results
  • Provide necessary access to DGC, other materials
  • Conduct 1 – 2 planning calls to confirm agenda, logistics and project pre-requisites.
  • Prepare for Health Check (review existing DGC environment, Workflow Script, other materials) and publish health check agenda
Operating Model review
Phase/Task Customer responsibility Collibra responsibility
Provide list of use cases and requirements that need to be taken into consideration.
  • Analyze and review existing Collibra configured operating model (includes metamodel, community and domain structure for metadata components).
  • Provide best practice recommendations and suggested changes. The recommendations will take into account existing and future use cases.
Workflow review
Phase/Task Customer responsibility Collibra responsibility
Customer subject matter experts identify workflows that aren’t running optimally or that need enhancements for new use cases.
  • Analyze and review up to three (3) workflows.
  • Provide best practice design recommendations and suggested changes.
Phase/Task Customer responsibility Collibra responsibility
Customer subject matter experts identify sources that aren’t running optimally (e.g. ingestion or performance issues)
  • Ingestion: Analyze and review existing integrations (Catalog, ESB, or API). Thoroughly investigate one (1) integration.
  • Provide best practice design recommendations and suggested changes.
Findings and Recommendations
Phase/Task Customer responsibility Collibra responsibility
Key stakeholders participate in final presentation of findings and recommendations
  • Collate all findings from previous steps into Collibra platform assessment report
  • Present findings in interactive session with key stakeholders
Project status
Phase/Task Customer responsibility Collibra responsibility
Ensure short project remains on track Ensure engagement remains on track and any potential risks or issues are identified early and remedial steps taken.

Out of scope

Any and all tasks not detailed in the IN SCOPE section above are considered out of scope


The following are key assumptions for this SOW:

  1. Customer will provide requested information for the analysis
  2. The Customer will provide machines and network access if Collibra consultants are not permitted to use their Collibra issued laptop (Mac or PC)
  3. Customer will provide remote access to Collibra staff to the Collibra environments in-scope.
  4. Documents will be delivered using Collibra templates, format and content.
  5. The implementation is assumed to run for one (1) week. Delays will have impact on the timeline and may require a Change Request (CR) to address the cost overage.
  6. Customer and Collibra will mutually agree on the location of work.
  7. Collibra personnel shall be deployed during Collibra’s normal operating hours in the location of work.
  8. Customer acknowledges that the expected schedule is based on Collibra’s industry experience. While performing the Services hereunder, Collibra may encounter unforeseen circumstances that increase the effort required to fulfill its obligations. Therefore, Customer hereby agrees that should Collibra require any additional hours and/or days to complete the objectives in the Description of Services, the parties shall mutually agree upon a change order setting out the amended scope and/or fees for such additional hours. Collibra shall use its best efforts to provide Customer as much advance notice of any such additional hours as possible.
  9. Customer will reimburse Collibra for reasonable travel and lodging expenses it incurs in providing Professional Services in accordance with Collibra’s Travel Policy.
  10. The project is expected to be completed within twelve (12) months from the Order Effective Date. Collibra shall not be obligated to perform any Services or provide any Deliverables after this expiration even if the estimated Professional Services time stated above has not been fully utilized in the twelve (12) month period following the Effective Date. The parties will negotiate in good faith a change order should any additional days/hours be required beyond the foregoing time period.

Collibra personnel roles & responsibilities

Role Responsibilities
Solution Architect
  • Preparing and conducting all reviews
  • Performing the collation, analysis and validation of findings
  • Preparing and delivering final report of all findings and recommendations
Solution Implementation Mgr Time & budget management and project progress