Effective Date – April 6th 2022

Project objectives

Customer is seeking recommendations on how to achieve higher value from their data by leveraging Collibra’s prescriptive path to improve adoption of Data Intelligence business processes

In scope

Data Gathering
Phase/Task Customer responsibility Collibra responsibility
Collibra will conduct workshop-style sessions and/or interviews with identified stakeholders and participants, on-site, to gather answers to a range of diagnostic questions about Customer’s current and target state relative to Collibra’s prescriptive path for leveraging Data Intelligence using the Collibra platform.
  • Participate in sessions with appropriate resources
  • Provide top current business objectives to help prioritize opportunities
  • Collibra may conduct additional research in other forums to help establish recommendations, such as reviewing requested, relevant documentation but will not review software configurations and settings.
  • Two business days have been allocated to the above.
Analysis of finding
Phase/Task Customer responsibility Collibra responsibility
Analysis of findings and development of recommendations Collibra will analyze the results of the data gathering steps above to create a report of chief strengths and areas of opportunity. The analysis will consider the raw scores and gaps between current and target states in the context of established business and strategic imperatives provided by the Customer. Approximately 2 days have been allocated for these activities.
Analysis will include:

  • a discussion of the gaps between current and target states
  • focus on gaps related to customer-provided priority business objectives to prioritize opportunities
  • opportunities may include both leveraging clear strengths of the Customer organization as well as closing gaps related to the previously identified current business objectives mapping
  • recommended priorities for suggested opportunities and actions
  • recommended next steps including suggested Collibra support
Presentation of Results
Phase/Task Customer responsibility Collibra responsibility
Presentation and discussion of findings and recommendations Participate in discussion of results findings with attendance of relevant stakeholders
  • Collibra will conduct one or more sessions to present and discuss the findings and recommendations with key stakeholders.
  • A written report will provide a recap of the objectives, approach taken, findings, and recommendations.

Out of scope

Any and all tasks not detailed in the IN SCOPE section above are considered out of scope, including:

  1. The Program Assessment does not include an assessment of the configuration and settings of the Collibra platform or the state or performance of integrations or workflows.
  2. Scope of work is limited to developing and sharing findings on the current state, gaps to target states and recommendations for leveraging Collibra’s prescriptive path for gaining additional Data Intelligence value from the Collibra platform. No additional feature or functionality will be worked as part of this SOW.


The following are key assumptions for this SOW:

  1. Customer will be identifying relevant business objectives and strategic targets to place the questions and findings in a meaningful, actionable context, together with a mapping to current data governance capabilities and concerns.
  2. Customer will ensure that all relevant stakeholders, participants and key sponsor(s) are scheduled and available for the on-site, data gathering phase of the schedule and for the presentation of findings and recommendations
  3. The Customer will provide machines and network access if Collibra consultants are not permitted to use their Collibra issued laptop (Mac or PC).
  4. Customer and Collibra will mutually agree on the location of work. As a principle, full-day workshops and trainings will be conducted on-site whereas activities such as configuration, development, documentation and test support are performed remotely.
  5. Collibra personnel shall be deployed during Collibra’s normal operating hours in the location of work.
  6. The implementation is assumed to run for one week. Delays may have impact on the timeline and require a Change Request (CR) to address the cost overage.
  7. Customer acknowledges that Collibra may utilize subcontractors in its performance of the Services hereunder.
  8. Customer acknowledges that the expected schedule is based on Collibra’s industry experience. While performing the Services hereunder, Collibra may encounter unforeseen circumstances that increase the effort required to fulfill its obligations. Therefore, Customer hereby agrees that should Collibra require any additional hours and/or days to complete the objectives in the Description of Services, the parties shall mutually agree upon a change order setting out the amended scope and/or fees for such additional hours. Collibra shall use its best efforts to provide Customer as much advance notice of any such additional hours as possible.
  9. Customer will reimburse Collibra for reasonable travel and lodging expenses it incurs in providing Professional Services in accordance with Collibra’s Travel Policy.
  10. The project is expected to be completed within twelve (12) months from the Order Effective Date. Collibra shall not be obligated to perform any Services or provide any Deliverables after this expiration even if the estimated Professional Services time stated above has not been fully utilized in the twelve (12) month period following the Effective Date. The parties will negotiate in good faith a change order should any additional days/hours be required beyond the foregoing time period.

Collibra personnel roles & responsibilities

Role Responsibilities Time Commitment
  • Accountable for overall project success
  • Conducts all data gathering sessions
  • Performs analysis and recommendation development
  • Provides written documentation of analysis, findings and recommendations
  • Presents findings and recommendations to key stakeholders and discusses next steps