By entering into an agreement with Collibra for Coaching Services, including, without limitation, via an order form or similar ordering document (the “Agreement”), you accept and agree to the Coaching Terms set forth herein. Any capitalized terms used but not defined below have the meanings in the Agreement.
Coaching Services: means virtual and remote coaching services that provide Customer with access to a Collibra expert who can provide “how to” advice and guidance.

  1. Term of Coaching Services

    The Coaching Services will be made available for a period commencing on the Order Start Date and terminating on the earlier of: (i) twelve (12) months from the Order Start Date unless otherwise stated on the Order or (ii) the Order End Date of the related Agreement for Collibra Cloud Services. Collibra agrees that during the Coaching Period, it will make itself available to give such advice and information to and to consult with Customer with respect to the operation of Collibra’s software.

  2. Fees and Credits

    Customer agrees to pay Collibra the fee stated in the Agreement, payable in full and advance. Fees are paid on an upfront basis and are non-cancelable and non-refundable. The credits must be used within the Coaching Period and may not be rolled over into any subsequent periods. At any time during the Coaching Period, Customer may upgrade its Coaching Package which will entitle the Customer to the pro-rated number of credits for the remainder of the Coaching Period for a pro-rated portion of the Fees. Fees for any upgrade will be invoiced upon execution of the Agreement for the upgraded Coaching Services. Customer may not downgrade the Coaching Services during the Coaching Period.

  3. Scope of Services

    • All Coaching Services are delivered remotely by Collibra to Customer via phone or teleconference.
    • Coaching Services are not task or deliverable oriented project work and are consultative in nature. The Coaching Services sessions are a co-operative effort with Customer.
    • Collibra will offer professional support and guidance, but will not be responsible for any hardware of software modification or alteration.
    • Coaching Services may be scheduled and applied to assist with, though not limited to, the following categories of issues encountered by Customer:
    • Advisory topics including:
      • governance roles, policies, training, ROI;
      • Configuration topics including Data Governance Center operating model, meta-model customization, security configuration (SSO Configuration), technical architecture, and workflow customizations;
      • Development topics including new workflow development, REST API usage, and Collibra Connect development; and
      • Operational topics including operating procedures, backups, and upgrades.
  4. Scheduling and use of Coaching Services

    • Customer will be responsible for scheduling Coaching Services sessions. The number of Coaching Services sessions per day can not exceed Three (3) sessions on any given day.
    • Coaching Services sessions are available to be scheduled between 9 AM-5 PM local time, Monday-Friday excluding regional and Collibra holidays.
    • Coaching Services are scheduled a minimum of two (2) business days prior to the appointment, via Collibra’s online portal.
    • Cancellation of an appointment is available no less than one (1) business day in advance of the appointment.
    • Coaching Services sessions must be scheduled a minimum of two (2) business days in advance.
    • In order to maximize the utility of the appointment, Collibra requests that the Customer provide the context and focus of the appointment in advance.
    • Collibra may request materials or information from the Customer in advance of the appointment.
    • Coaching Services credits may only be used to provide advice and support on supported Collibra versions and Cloud Services.