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The silent powerhouse: data quality in the AI revolution

It's no secret that AI has seen massive success in FinTech, but what hidden forces are driving this success, and how do they transform raw data into global opportunities? This week, guest host Stijn Christiaens invites Peep Küngas, Data Architect at Monese, to decode the intricacies of data quality management and its profound impact on the tech landscape, offering fresh insights into this crucial yet often overlooked backbone of AI innovation.

How do the smallest details in data curation fuel major breakthroughs in AI-driven solutions? And what unseen challenges do data architects grapple with in their mission for impeccable data? Listen as Peep and Stijn peel back the layers of data quality management to reveal the critical role of precision and insight in shaping the future of FinTech and our next technological leap forward.

Topic: Data quality

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