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Data mesh, not data mess

The value and insights from data have seen a rise in demand within organizations, and with this rise comes the expectation of a rapid turnaround time. This poses a significant challenge to central data teams, who handle data management and analytics. Data mesh arose in response to this challenge and offers a decentralized approach that reduces friction and gives business domains the ability to quickly access and query the data they need.

In this episode, Sonali Bhavsar, Managing Director for Global Data Governance at Accenture, joins us to talk about the four pillars of data mesh. She discusses how companies can start applying data mesh to their workflows. Sonali also shares how Accenture helps its clients achieve data-led transformations.

Tune in to the episode to learn more about data mesh, its significance and some tips to apply it to any business.


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Sonali Bhavsar Sonali