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Crafting data products for organizational impact

The digital realm's new currency is data, yet its value is often as enigmatic as it is critical. Sanjeev Mohan, Principal of SanjMo and former Gartner analyst, decodes the complexities of data valuation, advocating for a product-oriented view that frames data's utility and impact within an organization.

The prerequisites for defining a 'data product'—from maintaining stringent quality and availability standards via Service Level Agreements to managing its lifecycle for enduring relevance— bring into focus the role of the data product manager. This role is vital to ensuring continuous enhancement and overseeing the retirement of data products; a job that guarantees these products remain a driving force for organizational value.

Tune-in to learn about the importance of treating data with the rigor of product management and how this strategy emerges as a beacon for Chief Data Officers who are looking to gauge the pace and quality of innovation in data work.


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