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Trust center

Accelerate business outcomes with a foundation of trust

Our commitment to building trust

Collibra is committed to the security of our software and infrastructure. Security plays a vital role in our organizational structure, software delivery, training programs, and hiring processes. It is also a cornerstone of account controls, audits and the services we provide to customers.

200 Number of compensating controls mapped to leading security standards and frameworks.


We undergo independent third-party audits aligned with industry-leading standards and frameworks.


We maintain a rigorous security framework that spans our operations, product development, and product deployment practices.


We continuously evaluate global and local privacy regulations so that we can ensure data protection compliance with applicable governing regulations.


Our products are built with performance, scalability, and availability in mind so that you can confidently implement your data programs.


An approach you can trust

Collibra delivers an integrated approach to data intelligence that is built on a foundation of transparency and trust.


ISO/IEC 27001

FedRAMP Moderate


GDPR requirements

CCPA requirements




Security is in our DNA

Security is vital to everything we do and plays a key role in how we build and deliver our platform. We’re committed to the security of our software and infrastructure, and it is foundational to the account controls, audits, and services we provide to our customers.


Collibra screens all employees prior to hiring using third-party experts, and all employees take security training as required by role.


The Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud is designed to ensure the security of user and enterprise data. We implement identity and access management, encryption, and network vulnerability testing to ensure your data and your environment stays secure.


Collibra can be deployed across multiple industry-leading public clouds to ensure platform security and stability. Collibra also aligns with the Cloud Security Alliance Star Program and we publish our CSA self-assessment on the Registry.

Collibra is committed to delivering a secure platform and products

If you believe you have discovered a security vulnerability in Collibra’s platform, products, or web applications, please report this to us right away. We welcome security researchers, developers, and anyone with good intentions.


If you are a customer and need to report a vulnerability, please submit a ticket in our Support Portal.


Please send an email to with the details.


Business-wide privacy controls

Collibra takes privacy and personal data protection seriously. As a global organization, we comply with legally-mandated international privacy regulations. We conduct our business and design our products and services to protect personal data. 

We publish in our Policy Center our Privacy Policy, our California Resident Privacy Notice, our Data Processing Addendum, and our list of active sub processors of your data on our platform.


Resiliency for ongoing business operations

We know that system status and uptime are critical factors for our customers. We build our products with performance, scalability and availability in mind, and publish a dashboard so that customers can see the status of their environment.


The cloud architecture used by Collibra includes independent hardware restoration and recovery, enabling us to perform backup and recovery operations.

Business continuity

Collibra has established disaster recovery and business continuity plans to ensure our platform remains reliable and recoverable.


We perform resilience testing across our cloud providers and have implemented restoration procedures. We have also tested backup to ensure recovery in the event of disruptive incidents.

Dive deeper


Security and compliance overview


Collibra is FedRAMP authorized


Collibra’s HIPAA commitment


Is your tech team security savvy?


Our approach to trust