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Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud

Integrations & APIs

Do you have high standards? So do we.

Take advantage of standardized integrations to connect your entire data ecosystem to the Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud. Access native integrations, partner and other pre-built integrations and APIs to integrate, visualize and share insights across your organization.

Native integrations

50+ native, out-of-the-box integrations for a wide range of commonly used data sources, ETL tools, BI tools, ERP and CRM systems.

Marketplace integrations

Leverage integrations published by our partners and other parties, available in Collibra Marketplace, to integrate with additional systems.


Take advantage of open APIs and accelerators to connect and integrate with any data source or external system.

The Data Intelligence Conference

Join the world’s most innovative community of data leaders

November 1-3 | San Diego, California

Native integrations

Accelerate the time to insights with native integrations

Easily connect to and ingest metadata from a wide range of data sources, ETL tools, BI tools, ERP and CRM systems using our JDBC drivers, ERP/CRM Integrator and lineage harvesters. See below for all available out-of-the-box integrations.

Collibra Marketplace

JDBC drivers


ERP/CRM Integrator

Product Resource Center

Lineage harvesters

Connect to external systems with partner and other pre-built integrations

Leverage a vast library of integrations built by partners and other parties available through Collibra Marketplace to integrate with additional data sources and systems.


An open and scalable approach to data intelligence

Our microservice architecture and open APIs help organizations connect to any data source or system so they can accelerate innovation across a broad range of use cases. Collibra Professional Services is always available to assist customers with any custom integration builds.

Java APIs

Use our Java APIs, which are available exclusively through Collibra workflows, to build custom workflows that automate your governance and other data-related business processes.


Leverage our REST APIs to seamlessly integrate Collibra with your organization’s technology. Use your favorite programming language to create, update and retrieve data, write complex scripts or build friendly user interfaces.

Invested in your success at every step

Take advantage of the latest pre-built connectors, integrations and documentation to help accelerate your integration efforts.

Dive deeper


Learn about metadata management best practices


The path to Data Modernization