Collibra and AWS

Data-driven decision-making

Accelerate your cloud journey

Our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) makes it possible to unlock the value of your data in the Public Sector space. With Collibra’s FedRAMP authorized certification for GovCloud, government agencies are able to benefit from using the Collibra Platform integration with AWS Services. With Collibra and AWS, securely finding, understanding, trusting and accessing your data from one central location is easier than ever.

Collibra is certified to the industry-standard ISO 27000 standard. Our FedRAMP compliance level is Moderate and we received our Authority to Operate (ATO) from a Federal agency.


Increase trust in your data with Collibra and AWS

Maximize data lake productivity

Thanks to the integration of Collibra and AWS data services. We deliver a central place to publish and shop for the best quality data for data consumers and data producers.


Strengthen data governance

Manage availability, security and usability while providing a framework for enforcing policies. A strong, consistent data governance strategy enables greater collaboration within agency units.

Ensure regulatory compliance

Collibra enables AWS customers to manage regulatory reporting with our data governance capabilities, including policy manager, automated workflows and lineage diagrams.

Organizations today are looking to innovate for their customers. The agility that the cloud provides is a game changer for so many companies. The flip side is it can be a new challenge to figure out how they can manage that data and how they can access it. Collibra provides the capability for customers to gain visibility into the data they have in the cloud.
Peter Williams
Global Head of Financial Services Partner Technologies at Amazon Web Services

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Federal agencies’ path to data-driven decision-making


Federal agencies’ path to data-driven decision-making

Collibra is FedRAMP authorized


Collibra is FedRAMP authorized

Collibra and FedRAMP


Collibra and FedRAMP