Number Date Publish Status Title Link
124 May 2023publishFrom uncertainty to clarity: How Collibra helps UK businesses with data management after Brexit
222 May 2023publishFacing your data challenge with a data catalog
318 May 2023publishOwning your career at Collibra
418 May 2023publishPersonal professional development at Collibra
518 May 2023publishStrengths-based professional development at Collibra
615 May 2023publishThe embarrassing truth about stale data
712 May 2023publishAPI-driven data quality: Supercharging modern data pipelines for scalability and efficiency
810 May 2023publishSAP and Collibra: Simplifying your complex data ecosystem
98 May 2023publishGetting started with a data catalog
103 May 2023publishEasily shape your user journey with Collibra Homepage Editor
1128 April 2023publishMy top five moments from season one of The Data Download
1220 April 2023publishMetrics that matter: Data and tools Planet Collibra leaders use to understand climate change and create impact
1319 April 2023publishThe data intelligence ecosystem: re-imagining how you work with data
1413 April 2023publish5 implementation pitfalls… and how to avoid them
1511 April 2023publishDon’t let bad data drag you down: A retailer’s guide
167 April 2023publishCollibra Data Intelligence Cloud for federal agencies
174 April 2023publish6 things I love about working at Collibra after 6 years in sales engineering
1829 March 2023publishCollibra achieves Google Cloud ready: AlloyDB designation
1928 March 2023publishMastering the art of data intelligence: empowering Collibra with ChatGPT
2027 March 2023publishData catalogs for dummies is available now!
2123 March 2023publishWomen who inspire the Women of Collibra — Celebrating Women’s History Month 2023
2217 March 2023publishHigh quality data is the foundation of ESG
2316 March 2023publishCollibra Usage Analytics: Driving product adoption with pragmatic product management
248 March 2023publishSAP and Collibra: Delivering end-to-end data governance across the enterprise data fabric
258 March 2023publish#EmbraceEquity on International Women’s Day: How Collibra has worked toward closing the gender gap
261 March 2023publishGet frictionless insight to the data that matters
2727 February 2023publishAI governance : the holy grail for all data scientists?
2822 February 2023publishData catalogs, data governance, and the journey to data intelligence
2917 February 2023publishHow to become a data governance leader
3016 February 2023publishShining a light: How Collibra’s BLEND Community is celebrating Black and African American leaders this Black History Month
3113 February 2023publishHow we built Arbor: Collibra’s new frontend component design system and architecture
329 February 2023publishSupporting mental wellbeing at Collibra: Introducing Calm
338 February 2023publishWhy is a business glossary essential to data literacy and data intelligence?
343 February 2023publishConquering state and local agencies’ data challenges with Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud
351 February 2023publishWhy invest in data quality and observability
3631 January 2023publishCollibra Data Intelligence: tackle 2023’s biggest data challenges
3726 January 2023publish2022 Collibra Distinguished Program of the Year: Cox Automotive
3824 January 2023publishHow you can drive data health with data observability
3923 January 2023publishData management sets the next phase of zero-trust
4020 January 2023publishBecoming a Collibra Ranger at Equifax
4118 January 2023publishData Observability: Embracing Observability into DataOps
4213 January 2023publishHow I’m keeping the Data Citizens momentum going
4311 January 2023publishBridge to nowhere: Build or buy a Data Quality solution
445 January 2023publishAccenture and Collibra: Accelerating the data mesh journey
454 January 2023publishGet the insight and visibility you need with our new integrations and Sample Data Visualization
463 January 2023publishCreating a mature data culture
4729 December 2022publishA new day for data management
4827 December 2022publishThe smartest thing on your holiday wishlist: Data intelligence
4922 December 2022publishObservability: The next evolution of data quality
5020 December 2022publishSmarter, cleaner, faster: AWS + Collibra help government make better decisions
5119 December 2022publishTop 5 data predictions for 2023
5215 December 2022publishA window to your data: Introducing the Collibra Data Marketplace
5314 December 2022publishUnderstand and drive adoption with the new Collibra Usage Analytics
5413 December 2022publishLeveling up: Snowflake + Collibra: Growing the scope of platform governance while driving data quality
558 December 2022publishThe real ROI on data is just beginning
567 December 2022publishCollibra and dbt: Driving a common language around data
575 December 2022publishSuccessfully implementing a data quality & observability solution
582 December 2022publishWhat Makes Us One of the Best Workplaces for Parents? Collibrians Explain.
5930 November 2022publishNew IDC report: Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud delivers business value for customers
6029 November 2022publishData Observability for Data Engineers
6125 November 2022publishIntroducing your new best friend for collaborative governance: Collibra Assessments
6223 November 2022publishEvaluating Collibra’s data intelligence maturity with our IDC Assessment tool
6318 November 2022publishAnnouncing Data Quality Pushdown for Snowflake (in Beta)
6417 November 2022publishInspiring, energizing, empowering: Reflections on the Grace Hopper Celebration 2022
6516 November 2022publishNew IDC white paper shows Collibra Data Intelligence delivers tangible business value
6615 November 2022publishCustomer innovations from Data Citizens ’22 with Madan Gadde
6711 November 2022publishCelebrating our amazing partners at Data Citizens ‘22
6810 November 2022publishA new approach to data with Felix Van de Maele
699 November 2022publishCollibra Data Quality & Observability: Now Cloud-enabled
707 November 2022publishCollibra recognized as a Visionary in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Data Quality Solutions
714 November 2022publishUnleashing incredible Data Quality & Observability innovations with Kirk Haslbeck
723 November 2022publishThe power of Data Citizens: a recap of the data intelligence conference
732 November 2022publishCollibra’s Chief Product Officer shares the story behind new product innovations
741 November 2022publishA deep dive into Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud: Hands-on labs at Data Citizens ‘22
7528 October 2022publishThe must-have checklist for maximizing the value of your data catalog and governance investments with Collibra
7627 October 2022publishData Citizens ‘22: Top 5 must-see sessions to attend
7718 October 2022publishData mesh 101: Data as a product
7813 October 2022publishCollibra for scoring on all DCAM capabilities and doing more
7912 October 2022publishBuilding a data quality culture to drive true business value
8011 October 2022publishCollibra earns Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery Designation
816 October 2022publishWhat to expect at Data Citizens ‘22 with Chief Product Officer Laura Sellers
825 October 2022publishWhat is a Collibra sales internship like? 2022 summer interns share their experience.
834 October 2022publishHalfway to Data Access Governance
8429 September 2022publishCollibra supports all CDMC capabilities and offers more
8528 September 2022publishDataCitizens’22 speaker highlight: Meet Jennifer of Delta Dental of California
8627 September 2022publishCollibra is a Market Leader in first-ever BARC Data Intelligence Platform Vendor Evaluation
8722 September 2022publishData Citizens by the numbers: Announcing our customer speakers
8821 September 2022publishHealthier data and trusted insights with Collibra Data Quality & Observability
8920 September 2022publishWhy modern data management and governance is essential in energy and utilities
9019 September 2022publishThe 8 aspects and 4 layers of data intelligence you must know
9116 September 2022publishHow to improve data quality: 10 tips with expert strategies and best practices
9214 September 2022publishThrive at Data Citizens ‘22: The data intelligence conference
9313 September 2022publishData intelligence maturity: Why it’s critical to better outcomes
9412 September 2022publishCollibra wins a gold medal for metadata management
959 September 2022publishThe 7 most common data quality issues
968 September 2022publishWhy you need an enterprise data catalog
977 September 2022publishCollibra is One of the Best Workplaces in Technology™ — Here’s Why.
982 September 2022publishLeveling up: Tableau and Collibra making data intelligence ubiquitous
9931 August 2022publishTop 3 lessons learned from Gartner Summit ’22
10030 August 2022publishDrive adoption with a step-by-step guide to successfully deliver adaptive data & analytics governance
10129 August 2022publishThe 6 dimensions of data quality
10225 August 2022publishThe future for maturing data intelligence organizations is an integrated platform. So why are so many still using point solutions?
10323 August 2022publishThe benefits of a data-centric culture
10422 August 2022publishCharting your data intelligence course starts with the data
10518 August 2022publishA guide to using Collibra for Bill 64 (Quebec privacy law) Compliance
10617 August 2022publishData observability amidst data mesh
10716 August 2022publishCollibra named a leader by IDC MarketScape for Data Catalog Software
10815 August 2022publishWhy rigorous data management is key to reducing claims fraud
10911 August 2022publishData intelligence maturity tied to 3X better business outcomes
1108 August 2022publishPeople and Opportunity: Why Collibra is the #31 Best Medium Workplace
1113 August 2022publishDiscover Collibra ARK
1122 August 2022publishData governance council: What is it and why do you need one?
11327 July 2022publishAI driving the future of data intelligence
11426 July 2022publishThe solution for embedding trust in your data processes
11521 July 2022publishWhat is data integrity?
11618 July 2022publishCollibra #44 on Best Workplaces for Millennials!
11714 July 2022publishData quality dimensions: How do they serve your company’s needs?
11812 July 2022publishData mesh 101: Domain-driven ownership and the Collibra Data Office
1197 July 2022publishUnlock the value of Collibra Data Quality & Observability
1206 July 2022publishDiscover a unified approach to adaptive data and analytics governance
12130 June 2022publishWhat Pride means to me with Jarlath Doherty
12223 June 2022publishLeveling up: Recent developments between Databricks and Collibra
12322 June 2022publishCloud-dependent or cloud-agnostic? Make the right decision for your data quality
12420 June 2022publish14 Collibrians share 14 reasons why Collibra is an awesome place to work
12517 June 2022publishNathaniel Cooper on Juneteenth and opportunities for impact
12615 June 2022publishCollibra lands at #4 on Best Workplaces in New York™ 2022
12715 June 2022publishIntroducing Collibra Protect for Snowflake
12814 June 2022publishCollibra wins the Google Cloud Award for the Smart Analytics category
12913 June 2022publishWhy data governance is critical to enterprise success
1309 June 2022publishWhen the data is right, the risks are low
1318 June 2022publishIntroducing The Data Download™
1327 June 2022publishTalking data ethics: What it is and why it’s important
1336 June 2022publishThe top 3 reasons we are excited about Snowflake Summit
1343 June 2022publishHow machine learning is revolutionizing upstream data observability and downstream data quality
1352 June 2022publishHow to improve AI governance in healthcare with Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud
1361 June 2022publishReady to Test: Introducing the Collibra Adaptive Data and Analytics Governance Test Drive
13731 May 2022publishSurface business context instantly with Collibra Everywhere Browser Extension
13826 May 2022publishHow to accelerate time to value with predictive data quality and observability
13925 May 2022publishFAIR Data Principles in Life Sciences: A case for Data Intelligence Cloud
14024 May 2022publishThe journey to data catalog and governance success: A customer perspective
14123 May 2022publishWhat’s your data democratization strategy? How to successfully democratize data
14219 May 2022publishMake your data process intuitive, not complex
14316 May 2022publishWhy you should keep data observability separate from data cleansing
14412 May 2022publishWhat is data literacy?
14511 May 2022publishData Mesh 101: A straightforward overview of the hottest topic in enterprise data
14610 May 2022publishWhat is data democratization?
1475 May 2022publishWhy IDMP compliance requires adaptive data governance
1484 May 2022publishBringing data quality and observability together: The ultimate stack to achieve healthy data
1493 May 2022publishCollibra ranks as a top contender in new SoftwareReviews Emotional Footprint report
15029 April 2022publishHope for eliminating plastics in our waterways – and our bodies
15128 April 2022publishDon’t get lost in your complex data landscape
15227 April 2022publishThe enterprise data catalog: lessons learned from cutting the cord
15325 April 2022publishWhy you should apply to the Data Intelligence Masterclass
15420 April 2022publishWhat is reference data and why is it important?
15519 April 2022publishTop 3 reasons why you should attend Data Citizens on the Road
15618 April 2022publishTop five metadata management best practices
15714 April 2022publishSpeed up innovation and FRTB compliance in asset management with Data Intelligence Cloud
15812 April 2022publishData privacy & governance in a landscape of evolving privacy regulations with Collibra and PwC
15911 April 2022publishData Governance Best Practices: 6 steps to a better strategy
1607 April 2022publishWhy is data governance important?
1616 April 2022publishWhat is data intelligence? An introductory guide
1625 April 2022publishWhat is data observability and why is it important?
1634 April 2022publishThe benefits of treating data as a product with Collibra and Google Cloud
16431 March 2022publishDouble down on automated data lineage with Collibra and Matillion
16530 March 2022publishCelebrating four female data scientists who changed the world
16628 March 2022publishWhat is anomaly detection and what are some key examples?
16725 March 2022publishWhat is data lineage and why is it important?
16824 March 2022publishCreating a data-enabled organization
16922 March 2022publishSpeed up digital transformation and data literacy with Data Intelligence Cloud for healthcare
17021 March 2022publishA framework for evolving data products in 3 evolutions
17117 March 2022publishUsing data intelligence to connect and power business
17216 March 2022publishFueling data insights with the Collibra and Tableau integration
17315 March 2022publishFostering data innovation with data quality and governance
17410 March 2022publishImprove data literacy and data sharing in government
1759 March 2022publishWhat’s new with Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud
1768 March 2022publishWhat Women Have to Say About International Women’s Day
1778 March 2022publishBuilding data intelligence into your cloud migration
1784 March 2022publishData-driven companies must be able to quickly adapt
1793 March 2022publishEnabling enterprise-wide data privacy: Collibra + BigQuery
1802 March 2022publishHow to create an enterprise vision for data quality
1811 March 2022publishFreddie Mac creates a one-stop shop for data with Collibra
18228 February 2022publishWords matter: A look at Collibra’s commitment to inclusive code
18323 February 2022publishDriving business transformation in a digital-first world
18418 February 2022publishWhat is metadata management and why is it important?
18517 February 2022publishHow much is my data product worth?
18616 February 2022publishWhat is data governance and why does it matter?
18715 February 2022publishEuroclear reduces duplicate data spending with Collibra
18814 February 2022publishTop 3 reasons to love your data
18911 February 2022publishWhat is data quality and why is it important?
19010 February 2022publishWhy data modernization matters
1919 February 2022publishGet hands-on experience with the Collibra Data Quality Test Drive!
1923 February 2022publishDon’t wreck your data lake with poor quality data
1932 February 2022publishEnabling enterprise-scale data quality: Collibra + BigQuery
1941 February 2022publishData mesh: two tickets to data paradise
19528 January 2022publishCelebrating Data Privacy Day: A look at protecting your private data in a COVID-19 era
19627 January 2022publishAccelerate IFRS-17 Compliance with Data Intelligence Cloud
19725 January 2022publishGaining control of personal information ahead of CPRA
19818 January 2022publishThree data-driven trends to watch in financial services in 2022
19914 January 2022publishPredictive data quality + adaptive data governance = robust compliance by design
20013 January 2022publishEnabling compliant shopping for data: Collibra & BigQuery
2016 January 2022publishIntroducing Collibra’s TCO & ROI Calculator!
20220 December 2021publishBuilding a data mesh with Collibra and Google Cloud’s Dataplex
20316 December 2021publishA look ahead to equity and impact in 2022
20429 November 2021publishShopping for data with Collibra and Okera
20523 November 2021publishSub-Zero shares 6 lessons learned from their data transformation journey
20618 November 2021publishA brief history of data and how it helped change the world
20716 November 2021publishProtect, understand and unlock your data with Snowflake and Collibra
20810 November 2021publishEnsure faster, smarter and more trusted analytics with Collibra and Tableau
2099 November 2021publishOur new funding and what it means for Collibra
2101 November 2021publishAssuring high data quality during cloud data migrations
21129 October 2021publishCybersecurity Awareness Month: Q&A with Mischel Kwon, CEO of W@tchtower
21214 October 2021publishHow to achieve enterprise-scale data reliability
21313 October 2021publishGet your data out of the clouds: Ensure a successful cloud migration with Collibra and Google BigQuery
2141 October 2021publishScale access to trusted, quality data in the Snowflake Data Cloud with Collibra
21516 September 2021publishData governance council: What is it and why do you need one?
21623 July 2021publishForrester names Collibra a leader among data governance solutions
21721 July 2021publishThe importance of data quality in Financial Services
21830 June 2021publishYou are included: Q&A about authenticity with Collibra’s Pride community and allies
21929 June 2021publishEuropean Commission on artificial intelligence
22017 June 2021publishICYMI: Day 2 of Data Citizens recap
22116 June 2021publishICYMI: Day 1 of Data Citizens recap
22216 June 2021publishHonoring our Collibra Excellence Awards winners
22316 June 2021publishIntroducing United by Data
22411 June 2021publishHow to create a data product: the 8 step process
2254 June 2021publish7 founding principles for adaptive data and analytics governance
22628 May 2021publishComing together for DC ‘21
22726 May 2021publishCollibra and Databricks for open, governed data sharing
22821 May 2021publishA look at Data Citizens past, present and future
22919 May 2021publishPredictive data quality for trusted analytics and AI
23014 May 2021publishTop 4 takeaways from the Gartner Data and Analytics Conference
2317 May 2021publishData quality in healthcare: challenges and opportunities
2325 May 2021publishWhat is adaptive data and analytics governance?
2334 May 2021publishBenefits of using Collibra with Databricks on Google Cloud
23422 April 2021publishTop 5 resources to learn more about the climate action
23512 April 2021publishData is amazing. Your enterprise should think so too
2369 April 2021publishDelivering business value for insurance companies
2371 April 2021publishThe benefits of a flexible operating model in data governance
23831 March 2021publishCollibra Drives Data Management Standards for Cloud Migration with Google Cloud
23930 March 2021publish5 questions to celebrate Women’s History Month
24025 March 2021publishInternational Women’s [Data] Day
24123 March 2021publishHow ATB Financial drives agile data ops with Collibra and GCP
24217 March 2021publishHow to build a business glossary
24315 March 2021publishHow the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) enables data discovery with Collibra
2444 March 2021publish#ChooseToChallenge: Celebrating Women’s History Month
2453 March 2021publishWhat is a business glossary?
24626 February 2021publishCollibra presents Black History Month: Celebrating Black excellence in tech
24725 February 2021publishDriving GDPR Compliance
24816 February 2021publish3 signs you should submit to the 2021 Collibra Excellence Awards
24911 February 2021publishSaturday night is data night
25028 January 2021publishCelebrating International Data Privacy Day
25127 January 2021publishSimplifying the path to Data Intelligence: A perspective from Roberto Maranca at Schneider Electric
25214 January 2021publish5 Steps to build an enterprise data protection framework
25311 January 2021publishEnabling trusted Business Intelligence with Looker integration
2546 January 2021publishWhat is an augmented data catalog?
2551 January 2021publishCreating a data governance framework
25630 December 2020publishCCPA compliance: A sustainable approach
25729 December 2020publishData governance program: Starting successfully
25828 December 2020publishCelebrating our top Data Citizens of 2020
25918 December 2020publishActive metadata graphs and machine learning for data intelligence
26016 December 2020publishWhat is data governance in healthcare?
26115 December 2020publishInnovation centered around data: Q&A with Peter Vennel, Equifax
2629 December 2020publishHow women are leading with data in Spain
2638 December 2020publishMetadata management frameworks explained
2641 December 2020publishData governance use cases – 3 ways to implement
26523 November 2020publishThe top benefits of data lineage
26620 November 2020publishHow to implement data governance
26717 November 2020publishHow to build a data culture
26816 November 2020publishIntroducing the Collibra Trust Center
26913 November 2020publishGDPR personal data explained
27012 November 2020publishCollibra and Databricks: Taking the partnership to the next level with Databricks SQL
27111 November 2020publishDrive collaborative and data-driven decisions with the new Power BI integration
2726 November 2020publishData privacy and data security: Two sides of the same coin
2733 November 2020publishCCAR MRAs: 6 abilities you need
2742 November 2020publishWhat is personal information under the CCPA?
27530 October 2020publishData quality and data governance: where to begin?
27628 October 2020publish6 typical GDPR questions explained
27727 October 2020publishCybersecurity Awareness Month: #BeCyberSmart
27823 October 2020publishGuest blog: CDO Summer School – A look back
27922 October 2020publishBuilding a business case for your governance program
28015 October 2020publishSeamlessly discover and extract metadata from your ERP and CRM systems
28113 October 2020publishEnabling innovation through data: A Q&A with Nader from Honeywell
2827 October 2020publishHow to comply with GDPR
2836 October 2020publishMy data product journey as a freshly graduated data scientist
28425 September 2020publishAutomate data privacy governance
28518 September 2020publishCelebrating LatinX Heritage Month: Soy LatinX
28616 September 2020publishStreamline trusted business reporting
28714 September 2020publishAn unexpected change: Brazilian privacy law goes into effect September 2020
2883 September 2020publishEmbracing and driving change: Collibra summer internship
2892 September 2020publishOptimize data lake productivity
29026 August 2020publishGuest post: Median, Midway, We’re Halfway There #CDOSummerSchool
29125 August 2020publishImplementing a transformation agenda with Collibra and Tableau
29221 August 2020publishTrust your data: why you need a governed data catalog
29311 August 2020publishGuest post – Which generation of Chief Data Officer are you?
29410 August 2020publishMaking data-driven decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic
2957 August 2020publishWhy a governance foundation is vital for cloud data platforms
2967 August 2020publishSay goodbye to duplicate data spending
2974 August 2020publishFuel digital transformation with data security and data privacy
29827 July 2020publishEstablishing a solid data foundation to solve the hardest aspects of privacy management
29923 July 2020publishSchrems II Decision and Changes to Personal Data Transfers
30022 July 2020publishThe advantage of active data governance
30116 July 2020publishWhy data literacy matters now more than ever
30215 July 2020publishA guide to data subject rights for data professionals
3036 July 2020publishBreak down silos with a system of record for data
3042 July 2020publishBringing people together: a recap of Data Citizens ‘20
3051 July 2020publishEnforcement for CCPA is upon us
30629 June 2020publishShowing our Pride: Q&A with Collibra Pride Community members and allies
30725 June 2020publishComparison shop with data quality insights: Introducing Collibra Data Scoring
30822 June 2020publishThe overlapping journey as founder and father
30918 June 2020publish12 things you didn’t know about Collibra
31011 June 2020publish12 steps to Data Intelligence: Part 5
31129 May 2020publishCommunicating data privacy value to board members
31227 May 2020publish12 steps to Data Intelligence: Part 4
31322 May 2020publishHow to foster a culture that values data privacy
31415 May 2020publish12 steps to Data Intelligence: Part 3
31514 May 2020publishData office success metrics: Inside Collibra’s data office
31612 May 2020publishWhy data privacy requires a cross-functional approach
3178 May 2020publishData Citizens ‘20:
A message from Fleur Sohtz, CMO
3187 May 2020publish12 steps to Data Intelligence:
Part 2
3196 May 2020publishCybersecurity impact of Covid-19: Q&A with CISO Myke Lyons
3206 May 2020publishA peek inside Collibra:
Opportunity born from adversity
3215 May 2020publishData governance for data privacy
3221 May 2020publishSupporting cross-functional
data collaboration
32328 April 2020publishData privacy quick guide: Strengthen your data privacy muscles
32424 April 2020publishData-driven decisions in uncertain times
32522 April 2020publish12 Steps to Data Intelligence: Part 1
3268 April 2020publishData products: Inside Collibra’s Data Office
32730 March 2020publishHonoring Women’s History Month: Real stories from Women of Collibra
32818 March 2020publishData Intelligence foundations for federal agencies
32913 March 2020publish3.14 ways to make data meaningful in your organization
33012 March 2020publish5 learnings from the webinar “Meeting the CCPA Challenge”
3316 March 2020publishFast-track your cloud migration journey with data lineage
3324 March 2020publishWhat does the Data Office do? Inside Collibra’s Data Office
3333 March 2020publishInside Wolters Kluwer’s journey to Data Intelligence
33428 February 2020publish4 most valuable takeaways from Field Kickoff ‘20
33526 February 2020publishSimplify impact analysis with automated lineage
33625 February 2020publish6 reasons Collibra University Live ’20 will blow you away
33713 February 2020publishHow business lineage gets work done faster
33811 February 2020publishImprove your data relationships with third parties
3397 February 2020publishHow automated data lineage improves regulatory compliance
3405 February 2020publishData strategy in three steps: Inside Collibra’s Data Office
34131 January 2020publishUnderstanding Data Privacy through the lens of the Collibra Team
34228 January 2020publishData Privacy Day Exclusive Q&A with IAPP
34324 January 2020publishIntroducing Collibra Lineage
34414 January 2020publishThink differently about data privacy to deliver digital transformation
34513 January 2020publishTop 4 modern data catalog must-have capabilities
3466 January 2020publishCCPA compliance
34730 December 2019publishStrength in Numbers: Collibra in 2019
34827 December 2019publish26 goals from Data Citizens
34923 December 2019publishRecap: Collibra Family Day 2019
35018 December 2019publish4 questions to answer before the CCPA deadline
35116 December 2019publishSecurity and Confidence: Collibra Receives AWS Government Competency Status
3523 December 2019publishCollibra is FedRAMP Authorized
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35422 November 2019publishRecap: Lockheed Martin’s journey to becoming data driven
35520 November 2019publishCCPA and the future of the health data economy
35615 November 2019publishHow data catalogs enable data democratization
35711 November 2019publishData Intelligence at Big Data LDN
3587 November 2019publishOur work matters: Collibrians give back
3595 November 2019publishCollibra study shows why privacy by design is critical
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36124 October 2019publishCybersecurity Awareness Month: Is your team security savvy?
36222 October 2019publish10 good reasons to attend Data Citizens EMEA ’19
36321 October 2019publishThis is your gateway to Data Intelligence
3645 September 2019publishCollibra Catalog leads the field in Dresner’s market survey
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37113 June 2019publishWhy data literacy matters
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37424 May 2019publishData Citizens ‘19 Day 2: Ready for the future
37522 May 2019publishData Citizens ’19 Day 1: Spotlight on Data Intelligence
37615 May 2019publishData Citizens of the world, unite!
3777 May 2019publishSupporting collaboration with practical approaches
3781 May 2019publishWhy personal data privacy needs a customer-centric focus
37925 April 2019publishKeynoting at AWS Amsterdam
38022 April 2019publishEarth Day 2019: Can AI save the planet? Maybe…
38119 April 2019publishThe EU’s AI ethics guidelines require trustworthy data
38212 April 2019publishFive reasons to attend Data Citizens ’19
38310 April 2019publishA growing relationship with Google
3843 April 2019publishThe Internet of Things (IoT): Managing the data tsunami
38529 March 2019publishPreparing the data stewards of today and tomorrow for AI
38626 March 2019publishData drives it all at the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit
3878 March 2019publishCelebrating International Women’s Day
38828 February 2019publishFacing uncertainty – Part 2: Creating agility and resilience
38927 February 2019publishFacing uncertainty – Part 1: Brexit and the US Privacy Shield
39022 February 2019publishDigital transformation through community
39129 January 2019publishCollibra Raises a $100M Series-E Round Led by Capital G
39228 January 2019publishWhy personal data protection could be a key differentiator
39325 January 2019publishThe steps to a successful business transformation
39424 January 2019publishThe top five tips CDOs need to know in 2019
39520 December 2018publishAI, data fabric and the role of data at modern companies
39618 December 2018publishData, ethics and the business
39711 December 2018publishTips for getting a data governance program off the ground
3987 December 2018publishAWS re:Invent Recap: Privacy, Governance, and Data Catalogs
3994 December 2018publishData and Ethics: At the Beginning of the Conversation
40030 November 2018publishData Lakes in the Cloud?
40128 November 2018publishA Closer Look into Financial Services’ Big Data Dilemma
40227 November 2018publishThe CDO: the unsung champion of GDPR
40326 November 2018publishA data culture with ethics, governance and community
40421 November 2018publishYour AWS Re:Invent To-do List
4058 November 2018publishThe Cloud: Why and How Enterprises are Making the Move
4062 November 2018publishAre you getting value from your data lake?
4075 October 2018publishYou Have a Data Lake, Now What?
40828 September 2018publishMoving Your Enterprise Across the Pond
40920 September 2018publishQuantifying ROI from data governance and catalog investments
4107 September 2018publish5 key factors for a successful GDPR Solution
41116 July 2018publishSpatial Data in a Big Data World
4125 July 2018publishData Civics for the Data Citizen
41314 June 2018publishData privacy in the wake of the Facebook breach
4148 June 2018publishCollibra recognized (again) in Gartner market guide
41524 May 2018publishBusiness glossary value in BI, analytics and big data
41617 May 2018publishCollibra wins award for best GDPR vendor solution
41716 April 2018publish4 Reasons You Should Attend Data Citizens ‘18
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4194 April 2018publishYour 60-day GDPR Plan
4201 March 2018publishAre You Wasting Time Getting New GL Accounts Approved?
42116 February 2018publishThe #1 Reason You’re Not a Data-Driven Company
4227 February 2018publishStill can’t find or trust your data? Tell Bob goodbye.
42331 January 2018publishDriving trust with a catalog of reports
42418 January 2018publishIt’s a Blizzard (of Data) Out There
42510 January 2018publishTwo solutions for data protection regulations
4263 January 2018publishHow to keep your governance program fit (and drive adoption)
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43315 November 2017publishIs Your Data Lake like the Library of Babel?
4348 November 2017publishDrink Responsibly with the GDPR
43531 October 2017publishThe Terrifying World of Ubiquitous Data
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