In-person event

The Data Deep Dive 2023 in Brussels

Event details:
3:00 PM - 6:30 PM CET

Wednesday, September 13, 2023
3:00 zpm - 6:30 PM CET


Collibra Belgium BV
Picardstraat 11 B 205,
1000 Brussels – BELGIUM

The event will bring together thought leaders from across multiple industries to share their knowledge and best practices on the changing world of data.

During the sessions we share:

  • Why Data Intelligence is all about bringing deep visibility into data ecosystems and delivering trusted data to all business users. We share a short, non-exhaustive list of samples of how DQ interplays with existing Collibra products to create synergies.

  • Why Collibra supports customers to get united by data across all systems, processes, and tools.

  • You also hear from our customers on their experiences and lessons learned along the way of implementing Collibra as an enterprise-wide solution. 

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Wednesday, Sept 13th, 2023


Welcome / checkin


Introduction by Bianca Vloon, Area Vice President Benelux, Collibra


Husprey is now part of Collibra - What does that mean for you? - Thibaut Collette, Principal Product Manager, Collibra


SAP and Collibra Partnership - Julie Ursi, BI Solution Advisor, SAP




Collibra Spotlight by Alexandre T'Kint, Data Scientist: Bracing for Impact: Can AI Governance help us monetize our data better in light of the EU and US AI Act?


Partner Spotlight: Clever Republic by Koen Balm, Managing Partner and Data Governance Expert, Clever Republic


Q&A; Closing remarks, networking


Julie Ursi

BI Solution Advisor, SAP

Alexandre T'Kint

Data Scientist, Collibra

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