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Data governance is transforming Maya into a data-driven and AI first organization
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Maya is the only all-in-one money platform that enables Filipinos to master their money. Powered by a unique integrated financial services ecosystem that includes PayMaya for digital payments and Maya Bank for digital banking, Maya reaches over 20 million customers and addresses the ever-evolving needs of today’s generation of money makers through cutting-edge technology. Providing the capability to harvest metadata of personal information, banking and payment transaction history, and other device details and information, is a robust data governance infrastructure based on Collibra technology. It enables Maya to build a controlled, managed and centralized metadata single source of truth developing advanced analytic and AI models to provide new services and improve the customer experience.

Data is the new oil

Maya is leading millions of Filipinos – consumers, business, communities, and government agencies alike – into a version of the current digital economy that is more inclusive, transparent, and empowering than ever. It gives customers a mobile app as an all-in-one money platform for shopping and buying services from 63,000 partner retailers, transferring money, investing, accessing credit and even cryptocurrency trading.

Critical to ensuring every customer gets a fast, efficient and relevant banking experience is data. Besides processing millions of transactions daily, the data includes highly protected personal and financial information such as the number of active customers, the number of transactions they make, and the type and volume of features and services they click on in the app.

Melecio Valerio, Head of Data Governance at Maya, said, “We cannot decide anything without data. Maya is a data-driven organization and gearing towards AI first company and whatever data we generate – whether internal or external, structured or unstructured – is a critical business asset.”

But, as Melecio explains, data governance is essential to turning data into useful, meaningful business information. “Data is the new oil,” stated Melecio. “However, data is nothing unless you create algorithms, models and AI to consolidate the data and make sure it is good quality and fit for analysis and insight.”

In the past, managing data was fragmented with different areas and teams in the business building their own documentation, data dictionaries and lineage. There was no centralized method for developing and establishing business terms. “Our data governance team had a hard time deciding the best approach to collecting good information and sharing it with the rest of the business,” explained Melecio. “Processes were slow because people were sending out emails to lots of departments to find the data they needed and then spending time validating the data.”

Melecio knew that data governance was the key to unlocking the power of the data the business held. “We need to make sure that our data is always clean, available and accessible and that business users can find and access what they need to discover and create new data sets, as well as have a common understanding of available information and trust that it is accurate,” stated Melecio.

The best data management tool fit for Maya

After evaluating a host of different data management tools and solutions, Maya decided to use Collibra. Intuitive and easy to use, especially for business and non-technical business users, fast metadata and cataloging as well as the ability to ingest business terms, all combined to make Collibra the best fit for Maya.

The company uses the Data Catalog and Data Governance modules of the Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud and plans to deploy the Data Quality module shortly. Implementation support by Collibra and its business partner, Aware Services, took two months.

Collibra allows business users to see data lineage and the relevance of a business term to a particular dashboard or associated table. Cataloging is particularly useful because they can see instantly who owns a data domain and quickly find information and reports relevant to their business objectives.

Maya leverages the Collibra platform to build self-service analytics to ensure all data assets are accessible to stakeholders anytime they need it. This now is the organization’s central repository that enables data and knowledge sharing, data discoverability, as well as data governance and stewardship.  With this platform, Maya stakeholders can look up specific business assets, find relevant dashboards and reports, see where the assets are utilized and search for data domain owners as well as business and technical data stewards for increased accountability.

“Maya business users had no previous experience with Collibra,” commented Melecio. “But learning to use the application is not difficult and the support from the Collibra team was exceptional. I have used other data tools in the past, but Collibra is by far the best. It is simple to use, and the support and documentation are great.”

20% faster data analysis

With Collibra, Maya now has a central repository of the most up-to-date data assets and a single version of truth for business terms. Business users, specifically data teams, use Collibra to find the right data they need to perform advanced analytics that help stakeholders make informed business decisions.

Because data governance is now managed centrally with Collibra, the business user spends far less time and effort finding and verifying the data. Melecio estimates this is making data analytics 20% faster and the team more efficient. Ease of use also increased the number of Maya business user using Collibra by almost 50% in three months from 46 unique users in January to 82 users the following May. This helps the business get at the data they need to make better business decisions, improve services for customers and introduce innovative new products.

Maya has built self-service analytics via the Collibra platform, which now becomes the organization’s central repository that enables data and knowledge sharing, data lineage and cataloging, data discoverability, as well as data governance and data stewardship. With this one-stop-shop platform, Maya stakeholders can look up a certain business asset to find relevant information within the existing dashboard or report for reusability. The complimentary data literacy initiative across Maya accelerates the stakeholder decision-making process. Now, they are empowered to access and extract data to generate reports, develop dashboard and perform analysis – which are all discoverable in Collibra. “If we have a promotion, we want to know how many, and how much, customers engage with it,” stated Melecio. “Every time a user clicks the promotion, we capture that and ingest it into our data infrastructure. Using metadata and business terms developed in Collibra, business users can easily find information like number of clicks and any associated data. With that they can build dashboards to make informed decisions about customer engagement with the promotion and how to improve future marketing initiatives.”

Delivering self-service analytics

Collibra is enabling Maya to maximize data use across a vast ecosystem of more than 63,000 retailers, associates and business partners without compromising personal information or data privacy. Data is critical in generating algorithms, AI models and advanced analytics for developing lending and credit products and services for example. Maya uses Collibra to identify personal information attributes and then tags them with associated tables. This means third parties can utilize the Maya data infrastructure for quick and accurate decision-making without accessing actual personal data.

Collibra also makes it easier for Maya business users to use the solution to improve their understanding of what assets they can use to generate their own reporting dashboards. This increases employee productivity by reducing ‘blind’ searches or trying to find help and support. But if they still have questions, Collibra is set up to immediately show them who owns and manages various data sources.

“Collibra is evolving into a self-serving analytics tool that Maya data analysts and business users can rely on to answer questions, query data and access data stewards,” concluded Melecio. “As we develop Collibra further and use more of its capabilities, we will use the solution to deliver even more actionable insights and build more models and algorithms to fine-tune and improve services, as well as provide our customers with a better experience.”

“I used other data tools in the past, but Collibra is by far the best. It is simple to use, and the support and documentation are great.”

Melecio Valerio

Head of Data Governance, Maya

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The Journey to Data Catalog and Governance Success

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