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New York
December 9, 2016

Collibra Helps Organizations Accelerate Data Governance Success with Launch of Collibra University 2.0

New York, December 12, 2016 – Expanded Online Learning Environment Provides a Wealth of Data Governance Resources Collibra, a leader in data governance software solutions for business users, today announced the launch of Collibra University 2.0. Collibra University is a self-paced online learning community dedicated to advancing data literacy among business users and accelerating organizational data governance success.

First launched in September 2015, Collibra University has grown to feature more than 100 courses and tutorials that help users tackle the “what and why” of data governance, including specific use cases such as addressing data governance readiness, data quality, data metrics, and more. Collibra University course content is organized to suit a participant’s specific role in the organization and level of data governance expertise. Collibra University also offers vertical-specific learning content for industries such as finance and healthcare.

“Chief Data Officers globally require a team of credible experts to establish their data strategy, empower data citizenship, and inspire data trust,” said Pieter De Leenheer, Co-Founder and Vice President, Research & Education, Collibra. “Collibra University is focused on advancing data literacy and helping organizations reduce data risks and add value, drive the adoption of data governance best practices across their organizations, and leverage the latest data governance technology innovations. Collibra University 2.0 offers a more robust educational experience for participants, including a variety of learning opportunities complemented by engaging game mechanics to keep people moving forward as they expand their knowledge and exploration of data governance. I’m proud that Collibra is taking a leadership position in data governance education.”

The courses in Collibra University 2.0 apply contextual learning techniques to help participants with scenario-based learning and learn-by-doing exercises, collaborative discussion forums, and assignments. Courses are organized in Learning Series that allow participants to focus on what they need to perform their role in data governance effectively. The courses also support the newly updated Collibra Certification exams, and help students implement the Collibra Data Governance Center into their workflows to address their organization’s unique challenges.

Collibra University offers five increasingly sophisticated levels of Certification:

  • Steward: Demonstrates data governance and data stewardship aptitude,

  • Community Manager: Demonstrates the skills needed to design the data governance operating model for and monitor the progress of a community of stewards,

  • Platform Admin: Demonstrates the knowledge, skills and ability to configure, implement and maintain the data governance operating model for an organization,

  • Developer: Demonstrates the knowledge of Collibra Connect and API through the ability to integrate multiple platforms and data solutions,

  • Ranger: The most comprehensive Collibra Data Governance credential, the Ranger Program is designed for data governance professionals, and is a training, evaluation and certification program.

Another unique component of Collibra University is the Collibra Academic Program. Universities and colleges around the world can partner with Collibra University and complement their business and technical programs to provide students with the ability to learn new data governance skills that are in increasingly high demand in today’s marketplace. Collibra currently has partnerships in place with MIT, Stanford University, and the University of Arkansas.

All courses on Collibra University are complimentary for customers and partners, as well as for educational organizations. To learn more, visit

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