New York & Brussels
June 23, 2020

Collibra Unveils First-ever Data Intelligence Cloud

Collibra, the Data Intelligence company, today launched the Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud, an end-to-end integrated platform that automates data workflows, provides deep visibility into the data ecosystem, ensures security and delivers trusted insights. Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud provides business, data governance and privacy users with a streamlined means of accessing trusted data, which they can then analyze with the tools they already use. The results are lower costs, improved scalability and accelerated data-driven outcomes for enterprise businesses.

“Organizations are challenged with harnessing the power of data in the midst of complex regulatory requirements. By adopting a platform approach to data intelligence, businesses can take advantage of a 360-degree view of their data landscape, enabling them to better understand where the data is, where it came from, what it means and how to use it appropriately as they collaborate and innovate with data for competitive advantage in the digital economy,” said Stewart Bond, director of data integration and data intelligence software research at IDC. 

Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud is built on a secure, cloud-native platform that features:

  • Cloud performance optimization to scale resources on-demand and ensure end-user productivity
  • microservices architecture that helps IT teams to easily enhance or develop new services at lower cost
  • Edge computing to reduce cost while scaling the extraction of metadata in a secure way 
  • Self-service data access, allowing quick and responsive analytics anywhere

“Data is the engine of digital business, but massive data volume, compliance requirements, manual processes and siloed departments often make it difficult for business users to get the data they need quickly,” said Jim Cushman, chief product officer for Collibra. “Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud, the most powerful enterprise data intelligence solution in the market today, overcomes these barriers to digital transformation by reducing friction between IT and business users, allowing them to collaborate on data securely in a shared place.”

Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud also includes the following new capabilities: 

  • Data scoring is a new component of Collibra Data Catalog, which automatically computes a measure of data quality at the attribute level, allowing analysts with large volumes of data to choose the best data sets quickly and spend more of their time focusing on generating insights based on the data.
  • Individual rights management is a new capability within Collibra Data Privacy. It manages individuals’ data requests, helping data privacy leaders work within compliance requirements to build and maintain customer trust.
  • Enhanced support for popular business intelligence (BI) and extract, transform and load (ETL) tools in Collibra Data Lineage. This provides Collibra users with greater end-to-end lineage visualization of their data to achieve regulatory compliance and enjoy data trust.
  • The expanded connectivity that Collibra now delivers allows for metadata ingestion from data sources such as data lakes and data warehouses. For enterprise businesses, this capability equates to faster access to data and speed to market.

Collibra also introduced a beta version of Data Matching for qualified customers, which allows users to gain insights into their data by securely identifying duplication within a data source and overlaps across data sources.

To learn more about Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud, watch this video or read this e-book.

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