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New York
July 30, 2015

Collibra and Cloudera Partner to bring data governance solutions to big data

New York – July 29, 2015 – Today Collibra, the leading data governance provider announced that it has certified its Data Governance Center onCloudera technology.. Collibra Data Governance Center delivers data governance for big data solutions across a variety of industries and now provides integrated functionality with Cloudera.

Data hub users are inundated by the 3Vs of big data. Data scientists, stewards, data owners must collaborate to govern their data throughout its lifecycle. Maintaining quality as data flows from its sources through ingestion, analytical models, and discovery tools requires robust oversight. Collibra Data Governance Center integrates with Cloudera Enterprise, the leading enterprise Hadoop platform, and Cloudera Navigator, the comprehensive data management and governance platform that’s part of Cloudera Enterprise – providing complete business lineage to all information with a comprehensive view of data quality and progress over time. Collibra Data Governance Center also has a robust Business Glossary and data dictionary, as well as reference data management, data stewardship automation, and big data specific functions such as ingestion control, analytical model governance, and oversight of map/reduce jobs. The easy to use interface and flexible, fully automated operating model lets business users interact with their data, get information and resolve issues quickly and easily.

“Our customers are using big data solutions and associated analytics to expand their view of information and drive tremendous value within their organizations,” said Felix Van de Maele, CEO of Collibra. “But for this value to be realized, the organization must trust the data that is in the data hub. Our solutions integrate with Cloudera environments and other parts of the data management infrastructure. Collibra provides the governance necessary to ensure the information and analyses are trusted and therefore used by the organization. “

“Cloudera’s customers use Cloudera Enterprise and Cloudera Navigator as critical components of their data infrastructure. They require robust, integrated and automated governance that extends across their enterprise,” said Tim Stevens, vice president of Business and Corporate Development at Cloudera. “The integration with Collibra brings our customers automation and self service governance integrated with enterprise-grade data auditing, data lineage, and data discovery from Cloudera.”

Collibra Data Governance Center is in use for big data solutions at customers worldwide, across the financial services, retail, pharmaceutical, healthcare and high-tech manufacturing industries.

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